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Short Term Affair: 3 Days versus 3 Years

short term affair
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Which would you choose: a genuine short term affair of 3 days or a 3 years of loveless relationship?

There was one Asian martial arts, fantasy movie I've watched years ago which still makes me think till now. Beneath the surface, it's all about lust and love, how different one is from the other and vice-versa. If you think about it, the short love affair with a 3-day lover may have been an example of "lust" and the lover of 3 years symbolizes love. Let me say, both are and both are not.

The 3-day lover being short lived and is based on sex alone seems like it signifies lust but you may as well consider the 3-year love as lust as well with all its well-hidden desires kept within. If you ponder upon the length of the "feeling of love", the 3-year one definitely looks like love but at the concluding part of the movie, the shorter love affair though fleeting as it is shows love when both boy and girl were willing to give their lives up for the sake of the other. So which is lust and which is love between the short term affair of 3 days and the 3 years relationship?

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