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Cynical Thoughts about Valentine's Day

Thoughts about Valentine's Day


What of these thoughts not of love, but of cynical ideas about love back in the supposed love's day of Feb. 14? Love is all around as that song goes which one Brit movie showed it and it knows no person (it being an interwoven story about people from all walks of life) and no time (although the film was set at Christmas time) so my scoffs are not even for love at all but for commercialized love only with all it's bragging priced tag gifts, meaningless lines, idolatrous Venuses and Mars men; and I will appraise love in all its glory: gifts, be it simple or extravagant and lines though cheesy, all becomes special as long your Venus or Martian (whether they be an angel or otherwise, it's how you look at them which counts) had their loving thoughts of you behind those gifts and lines. Looks like my cynical thoughts about Valentine's Day is not so cynical after all?

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