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Scribbling Evil New Year Holiday Ideas for 2010

The B. H. B. Mentality

New Year Holiday Ideas

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I've first heard the acronym "B. H. B." from a team mate at work. He said it's a subtle way to say "black heart(ed) bitch!" when he is pissed off at a caller. Then another team mate came up with "black heart(ed) bastard" for a male counterpart of a caller. I'm sure other co-workers who deal with irate callers six hours a day, 50% of the time had already invented personal ways to deal with such pressure because when you don't, you get blown away.

I for one have adapted this so-called "B. H. B." mentality to deal with callers who gets to blame you for the end of the world per se be it that you don't have anything to do with it. Not that we are supposed to be numb about it, we are consumers in a certain way and gets to experience the same dilemma they may have over the least inconvenience; yet to be blamed over a cellular tower loosing signals is like apology over something you have no idea about. I can show empathy without practically becoming Atlas who carries the world over his shoulders.

Going back to the "B. H. B." mentality, to release angst thru cusses in the form of an acronym, in silent angry thoughts, or a local tongue curse while the Avaya phone is set to mute lessens the tension every call at a time, but to adapt the lifestyle itself is something else. These are evil New Year holiday ideas I'm pondering upon. 

I know it's not good but when you think of something evil about someone or something, your inhibitions within are released and your soul is free. There was a girl whose diary became famous believed that there is actually good in every men, and I'm sure she was correct in believing so, yet needless to say, she died sick at a fragile age in a German camp during World War II about a month or so before the camp was liberated by the Allied countries.

It's good to have hope and all that when it comes to other people's natural goodness but not too much because the same man who was in naivete' remained sinless at paradise is the same man who fell for evil and bit the forbidden fruit.

Aside from "B. H. B.," there are acronyms I have been accustomed to saying myself and have heard from other agents that they may have discovered themselves and from other people. Let me mention, "A. H." as in a$$ hole, "F. U." as in f*ck you!, "W. T. F." as in what the f*ck? and "B. S." as in bull sh!t to name some.

Angst is also released in the local tongue which makes it safe so long as the call is not recorded nor monitored because even if the caller does hear, you can think of an excuse since they do not understand what you meant to begin with. My favorite would be how colored people express their angst in words that they maybe insulting at times, at least they say how they feel in a verbally liberating way.

I do not know how representatives who get to speak with irate, frustrated, or upset callers whose calls get escalated to them deal with these kinds of scenarios every day but I'd like to mention two opposite ends. I'm sure they may have different dispositions during differing days but let me say at one call, an "S. M. E. " as the center calls it seems apathetic that he sounds monotonous, gets lazy and looks like he was waiting for the caller to simply hung up; and at another call, there was another "S. M. E." who does not get affected at all that she still manages to laugh over the caller's folly. I wonder which is a better approach to the pressure? I believe it will still be different each time depending on one's mood at that point with considerations on health, sleep and love life maybe. ;)

As for me, the B. H. B. mentality is still the best approach. Not that I'm saying something against what is good: "turn the other cheek when slapped" or the "throw bread when thrown stone at" but I suppose no one would want to become an insect being stepped all over. Even animals gets repulsive when attacked.

When it is all kept inside, it may like a volcano suddenly explode and blows you to pieces that is why it's best to let go of even the slightest portion of it at a time and keep the rest inside if you'd like to. So, during call pressure, you can "B. H." cuss on mute (of course!), some disconnect the call without being noticed ('cause your dead if they do!), mess up or disconnect an account (to say the extreme!). The effect is as relaxing as doing something you enjoy (like music, movies, sports etc.) to lessen the pain from troubles in your life.  

These are my evil New Year holiday ideas, what's yours?#


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