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Have you ever felt there was a vacuum in you life which drains your spirit dry? Does it feels like your soul is trapped into the so-called Pandora box, all of it: your dreams, your plans, your talents (if any), and even your life to say it at its worst?

I don't want to overuse women in all my writings but I can't seem to get away from the truth that it is indeed women in general whose personalities are being killed by men in their lives. I've seen it often happen to women who either hide behind their husband's success or simply forget they ever had any essence to this world other than being kept at home. Not that being a house wife is wrong, it's just unfair if all you do is think of someone else: your kids, your household chores and responsibilities, and services to your husband. We are still individuals very much different from each other in thoughts and feelings, whether we are husband and wife or so.

This is surely not about me, for no one shall be able to keep me at home. I work and enjoy the accomplishments I may get from it be it trivial or so. Nonetheless, as I have realized in the past few days, I may have let my true nature be devoured by someone else. I remember blaming it to work which eats most of my time but I understand it was not that, it was merely my weak self who allowed the personality sucker to take away the things I am good at.

Yes, I am thankful for I have learned new tricks up my sleeves because of he who thought me "RPG," "PSP," "PS2," or what not, and I certainly enjoy games (even if I am not a gamer or so) but who I am and what I want to do should be my priority. The dominating personality never got dominated by me, we clash and I alone burned.

So much for drama which never sells, the whole point of this is to be reminded that there is only one you in the world. You learn from others and they learn from you as well; but be sure not to let your personality be killed by them. Shine as you are. #

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