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Online Love Affairs

I often wonder if online love affairs are really possible and you can fall truly in love with someone you do not know in person, have never seen in person, have never been with in person; have only known online, have only seen thru network profiles and few scanned photos, and have only conversed with thru emails and chat pages?

What do we know of couples who meet each other online and ends up with online love affairs? I would say, "mail order bride," "E.B.s" ending with rape or so, and superficial "I love you's." Not that I don't believe it to be true, for I know quite a few who does genuinely get to love the online partner thru the Internet and more so when they finally end up together in person; but it remains superficial until proven beyond the four corners of a computer.

You see online, anyone can pretend to be who they are not just to make someone fall. If I know what you like and don't like as I see on your profile, I can instantly transform into what you want me to be just to make you fall for me. It's easy to say you love someone when you merely type the words on your keyboard. Also, people who practically live in cyberspace, exposing their true selves more in that world than in the real one, are most likely persons who have a lot of reservations in life. It's safer to let your true self be known to seemingly unreal acquaintances than to those who are real. My points are contradicting here but my concern is all about love online love affairs; whether it's true or not.

If you believe in the possibility of online love affairs, let me back you up. The feeling is as real it feels when you fall for someone you personally see. That is because, you feel the emotion when you think you feel it. Don't they say love is a chemical reaction, your body feels like it because your brain is making you do so? I'm sorry if this sounds like an absurd theory as if I'm saying that love itself is never true because it's only a state of mind. I only wanted to point out that the love you feel for a live person is similar to the feeling of love that you have for an entity on the Internet. There I go again! I mentioned "love" and "the feeling of love." I'd rather write about that some other time.

Going back to online love affairs, let me remove the players from this writing. You see, you can easily differentiate he who is in it for the game alone from he is who is into the game because of a deeper reason. I can type "I love you," have a relationship with you and not really mean any of it online or in person. But if you be cautious enough, I'm sure you will realize if I'm for real or not.

So, much for the long narrative again, I'd say this is a changing world; the ways and means of love, courtship, and marriage is a far cry from how and what is was a century ago. I do not doubt that online love affairs are as true as love in mailed letters back in the old times. #

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