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Rise Above The Ruins / Human Interest Stories Examples

This contains the posts Rise Above The Ruins and Human Interest Stories Examples

Rise Above The Ruins

What's interesting with 3D animated movies are the scenes so realistic you get fooled to believe it's true, like one scene from a known 3D animation flick. A certain planet lies in ruins: buildings are but rusting metal structures; the land itself is no more that parts and particles afloat in big, solid masses as if gravity no longer is effective in certain areas.

There is no sign of life all together. No trees to give you shade and breeze that you feel like the air you breathe is melting your lungs and the scorching hellish heat is burning your skin. No birds nor bees to hear that the silence is overwhelming, you can even hear your heart beat as if it's a car horn. It's not the picturesque scene which actually moved me, it was the human spirit depicted in graphic animation, our natural ability to rise above the ruins that even amidst the seemingly impossible situation, there seems to be always a way out.

Filipinos for one, is a perfect example. Unintentionally, we drove home to the province late one recent afternoon and raced back to Manila the next day. We managed to pass by the biggest mall nearby because it coincided with the reopening of the said establishment. It was actually closed for almost two months having been a victim of the raging flood waters of typhoon Pepeng last October.

During that day, there was a program which we did not get to see since we left early afternoon and it's supposed to start later that day. People flocked from all over the town as well as neighboring towns that parking space though wide is almost full as early as 10 A.M. and the A.T.M.'s intermittently gets offline and online.

There was as usual, a gallery of photos displaying interesting stories captured in film during the devastation of the typhoon itself as well the aftermath. The mall company had always been fond of picture galleries as seen in all the other malls they have nationwide. Everyone knows, at least in our province, that this local mall became a refuge to stranded employees as well evacuees from all over the metro. I've seen on T.V. as well the internet how those who were rescued were even dropped from choppers onto the mall's rooftop. Their management also mentions they made sure that not only are the people who sought solace in their roofs dry, they were full as well.

Human Interest Stories Examples

(Image from local news)

Paragraphs will never ever be enough to mention all the real life stories and real life people who were desolated by the event. If I mention global warning, being caused by humans, as one factor in the occurrence of major storms, I may as well say, we are guilty over typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng ransack of our properties and our lives.

This is not about who's to blame and what to do about it. What's done is done anyway so there is no point in complaining. The point is what happens afterwards? Move on, that's what's supposed to be done. I've seen it, not only in this mall I keep on talking about but practically all other stores in the mini-city. I went home for the the November 1st tradition and I saw how everyone is busy with renovations. Some establishments, being smaller were actually able to reopen earlier but it's the biggest mall in the province's reopening which everyone longed for. November 27 it was and it was a spark which I'm sure will ignite the fire within everyone affected and touched by the suffering experienced during the typhoon's onslaught: from businessmen to regular employees, from passengers to drivers and barkers, from mall-goers to shoppers, from the old to the young, and from the rich to the poor.

Concluding this, let me go back to the 3D animated movie I mentioned at the beginning, of course, all goes well that ends well so they say, everyone who were actually left living amongst the ruins were able to rise above it all, their planet eventually had life again. May everyone who had been there or who knows someone who had been there when typhoon's Ondoy and Pepeng wreaked havoc in the Philippines, will be able to rise above the ruins as well. #

Human Interest Stories Examples

The words speak for themselves, "human interest stories examples." What interests us most will mostly likely be stories from others. Everyday experiences from people we know and at times people we don't even know touches us more than our experiences sometimes. It's like a mirror, you need to see yourself from external perspective. That is why there are times we talk to ourselves from the third person. We listen to someone else more than we do listen to ourselves.

I have a colleague up in Baguio whom I rubbed elbows with recently. The last time I saw her was when we were still working together at a call center uplands, she was often downcast because of marital issues. Her husband was the jealous type that he beats her over practically anything he can think of. She cries at work and even took calls one time wearing a silly-looking pair of shades, probably hiding tear-soaked eyes or maybe even black-eyed ones. Her happiness seem to beam out the computer screen when I saw her "FB" profile lately. There is a new guy of course, a foreigner at that whom I'm sure she met online. She's not the only with this kind of human interest story actually. I even had a teammate in the same center who had the same "face down in the dirt" dilemma but she is above the ruins now, in spite of having to care for two kids from the bastard (sorry for the word) who fathered them.

Here I end this not with an interesting story but with the truth that their is no justification for physically abusing women. The law of man, the law of God, the law of conscience, if there is any should haunt these kinds of men for the rest of their lives; and for those women with beaten bodies, beaten souls - may you find solace in the thought that the future holds better days for you if you choose to live in it like these women with  "human interest stories examples"  to tell. #

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