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The Boy Becomes A Man / Technically Nostalgic (Care More Argue Less)

This post contains The Boy Becomes A Man and Technically Nostalgic (Care More Argue Less)

The Boy Becomes A Man

I'm no story teller but I'd like to tell a love-hate tragedy of someone I know. There was this girl who keeps on pushing this boy away because he is just a boy in all his ways (regardless of a well-built physique a little advance for his age): his words, his mind (so innocent from the treacherous world we live in), and his very soul (so pure back then that everyone around them said she is taking advantage of his youth). A few years later, they meet again and he has practically transformed into a man in every way that one may even say he is far more mature now than the girl who was older than him. Too bad for her, much as she wants to have him back, he is no longer the boy she once adored him for; for he is now a man that anyone can love. #

Technically Nostalgic (Care More Argue Less)

I'm now with Customer Care but I often remember the year and a half that I was with Technical Support. In this new line, I have learned to loosen up a bit, care more and argue less, meet customers half way instead of making excuses, and be less robotic and more human in tone, words, and everything else. Yet inspite of the good changes, I still tend to incorporate what we do before to what I do now. Not that I'm saying technical support is all argument and stiffness, but comparing agents from both sides, I'm sure it's pretty obvious that the latter is more stressful than the other one, thereby making agents be less natural in speech and manner, etc.

I recall one recent call which made me remember the once was techie side of me. There was this guy who claimed he is a computer person or what not but I wonder how he blaims the website for him not being able to login online and make a payment. If you notice, any website's "URL" is converted automatically from "http" to "https" as soon as you input your username and password. It simply means the login page is secure and if you are unable to pull it up afterwards, it maybe an issue with the browser or with your internet firewall. Ofcourse, I did not argue but I explained it to him in a way that he will realize there was no need for him to brag.

Not only that, I remember how we still manage to surf the internet and chat even if everything is practically blocked. We used to install a certain application that will allow us to edit the chat windows that they become almost invisible. You can make it transparent to as low as 1% if your eye would still permit you to see it. Some would install extra browsers like Firefox or Opera since only surfing thru "IE" is technically blocked. Others will login thru a proxy server. When you cannot get away from "QA's" since they still see the icons in your task manager, you can install a tray minimizer in that way, all icons you don't want them to see is hidden. Worse comes worst, you have to get a supervisor login in order for you install all restricted applications.

I get to "PM" my former teammates thru "FS" or "FB" a few times, the team even have an "FB" group. Almost everyone is still there as one team except for a few who either resigned or got terminated. Our team lead then is now the official coach (supervisor). They would ask how am I and what I'm doing and wonders if I would get back to Baguio. Some other friends and acquiantances would say the same. I'd say I'll think about it, being up in the highlands, with the cool below 16 degrees temperature despite of a lesser pay is something I do miss apart from the friendly people and attractive places. Yet not today, I say. For now, let me enjoy this bigger city with all the bright lights at night, more profitable job, and interesting personalities as well. #

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