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How to Get Birth Certificate in PSA - Walk In

4:47 PM 0
While it seems more convenient to request for a copy of your birth certificate online (and safer too due to COVID-19), it may not be the bes...

How to Block and Limit WiFi Users on PLDT Router

6:22 AM 0
If you're a PLDT Internet user, you can actually block and limit the number of WiFi users on your router. Read on to find out how.  How ...

How to Change Converge WiFi Username and Password

11:20 PM 0
  Converge ICT Solutions or simply Converge is one of the fast rising Fiber Internet Service Providers in the Philippines. They have recentl...

How to Contact Apple Support Online

1:30 PM 0
Here's a video tutorial on how to contact Apple support online (last part of this post; the first part is for a written summary).  ...

How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocket WiFi Name and Password

2:46 PM 0
Here's a video tutorial on how to change the Globe Tattoo pocket WiFi name and password.  How to Change Globe Tattoo Pocke...

How to Change Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Username and Password

2:47 PM 0
The Smart Bro pocket Wi-Fi, like other devices of its kind uses a default network name and a general password. This poses the risk of havi...

iOS 11 WiFi Bluetooth Issues: WiFi and Bluetooth Remains On

7:00 PM 0
One amazing new feature from the new iOS 11 update are shortcuts to various apps from the Control Center. I particularly love the presenc...

Does the Kumon Method Really Work?

4:09 PM 0
The Kumon Method is based on individualized learning method where a student can learn Math and Reading in his or her own pace. It was deve...
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