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Top 10 Richest in the Philippines

4:42 AM 0
This year brought a lot of changes to the economic status of almost all countries. But despite the ongoing pandemic, individuals listed amon...

How to Block and Limit WiFi Users on PLDT Router

6:22 AM 0
If you're a PLDT Internet user, you can actually block and limit the number of WiFi users on your router. Read on to find out how.  How ...

How to Change Converge WiFi Username and Password

11:20 PM 0
  Converge ICT Solutions or simply Converge is one of the fast rising Fiber Internet Service Providers in the Philippines. They have recentl...

Lazada vs Zalora: Same Item, Different Price

9:15 PM 1
With another monthly sale event coming up soon (12.12), I just thought of posting an interesting experience that's also related to a sal...

Where and How to Donate for COVID 19 Victims

10:51 AM 0
The new Coronavirus (COVID-19), has affected millions worldwide. Countless businesses have temporarily closed, leaving millions jobless at t...

Grab the Best Matches for your Home with the Electrolux Perfect Pairs Promo

4:54 AM 0
Catch amazing deals and discounts on Electrolux home appliances with the Perfect Pairs promo, available at leading appliance stores natio...

Eat Like a Viking at Vikings Philippines

5:36 AM 0
I don't eat voraciously but I like what's on the paper table placemat used during a visit at a Vikings Philippines branch. Dining t...
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