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Showing posts with label Work. Show all posts

How to Get Birth Certificate in PSA - Walk In

4:47 PM 0
While it seems more convenient to request for a copy of your birth certificate online (and safer too due to COVID-19), it may not be the bes...

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

9:41 AM 0
What motivates you at work? Is it a sense of purpose, personal fulfillment or money? The latter doesn't mean you're working for the ...

5 Online Resources To Start Teaching From Home

6:43 AM 0
Living in the time of COVID-19 has tremendously shifted our lives and routines. In a period where schools and businesses are restricted fr...

Holidays for 2020 Philippines

1:48 AM 0
Here are the official regular and special non-working holidays for the Philippines this coming year 2020 based on Proclamation No. 845, s. 2...

25 Money Saving Tips

1:13 PM 0
Whether you're saving for a specific expenditure or just want to cut down on spending,  here are 25 money saving tips you can imple...

Shopping at Zalora Philippines Review

7:21 AM 0
I'm not new to online shopping. But most of my purchases were from a popular ecommerce network. I've heard of Zalora some years...
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