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Showing posts with label Television. Show all posts

Miss Philippines Karen Ibasco Crowned Miss Earth 2017

7:33 PM 0
Last Saturday, the world witnessed the crowning of the new Miss Earth– our very own Philippine candidate Karen Ibasco! She won the judges...

UP Maroons Volleyball Team Members Bond with Fans at SM City Rosales

9:22 AM 0
At least 150 volleyball fans were given the chance to bond, have a photo opt and selfie with their idols as SM City Rosales recently ho...

OPM Rock Songs of the 90's Live Today

7:00 PM 0
OPM rock songs of the 90's are very much alive today. I'm very happy to have witnessed songs from our childhood come to life again ...

Laying Down the Cards and Fighting the Public Stigma of Depression

5:46 PM 2
Depression is one of the most sensitive topics because of the stigma associated with it. But if you are into social media lately, you will...
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