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Busy Day Today – Bank, Mall, Hospital and More

9:09 PM 0
There’s so much to write about the whole busy day today. It’s the exact opposite of the jinx-full day last Saturday as per this blog post ...

Killer Trucks Should Be Banned for Good

3:38 PM 0
In the wake of the incident pertaining to the video above, killer trucks should be banned for good. There was a similar incident in T...

EON, UnionBank, and Globe Refill Card Drama

10:12 PM 4
Image from Today was an EON, UnionBank and Globe Refill Card jinx drama. I went out to withdraw everything from the ...

I Got Charged Around P800 in PayPal!

7:00 PM 0
Image: Clare Bloomfield / I was wondering what to blog about today and something came up. It’s nothing to be exc...

Describe and Express Sadness

12:45 AM 0
Image: worradmu / Sadness is indescribable. No word is synonymous to it. No words whether few or more can be abl...

High School, Great Expectations of the Young, and Changing the World

10:54 PM 0
I’m sure our town takes pride that there is a Villasis native as famous as Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited’s housemate Roy Gamboa . What’s ev...

Spending Pre-New Year on a Ride and New Year on a Break

2:52 AM 0
Pre-New Year was spent on a ride for me while New Year itself was spent on a break. It was literally a ride before New Year as we we’re dr...

My List of New Year Resolutions and the Best Things from the Year that Was

11:56 AM 0
(This entry is a pre-New Year and a post-Christmas post (see the previous post for the other post-Christmas entry); it’s not about a list ...

An Age Old Christmas Question – Does the True Christmas Spirit Live in You?

3:06 PM 0
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, there’s always one question which remains timeless – “does the true Christmas spirit...

For Forgetful People

12:00 PM 2
The writing below are for forgetful people, not the forgetful people you have in mind. I'm talking about forgetful people with medical...

What to do about Cyber Bullying

3:40 AM 0
So what to do about cyber bullying? Let me start with this quote I made: "The wise need not boast. Those who lack wisdom howeve...

The Dilemma of Being Deleted: Show Deleted History

12:00 AM 0
A few files missing made me think about the dilemma of being deleted and how to show deleted history. I couldn’t blame my niece about ...

Thoughts on my First MRT Experience

3:00 PM 0
This Is Not About Me, This Is About... Thoughts on the First MRT Experience "What newspaper section you read defines who you are....

Bad Fad: No Slave To FAD

3:00 PM 0
No to bad fad! I am not a slave to technological trends. I don't have the so-called Facebook Addictive Disorder (FAD) wherewith one ...
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