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PinoyExchange Featured Our Palawan Post

8:12 AM 0
Thank you very much PinoyExchange for featuring our post 9 Places to See at El Nido Palawan ! I've been a member of PEx f...

Palawan Photos in Photobucket's Slide and Story

1:08 AM 0
Photobucket offers fun ways to save your photos. I've been using the site for years already but had quite forgotten about it, unt...

Little Italy in El Nido, Palawan

11:45 AM 0
Who would think that an Italian restaurant can be found in a street stretch full of hotels, inns, and other types of accommodation? There ...

It's a Whole New World in Palawan

9:30 AM 0
Palawan was like a whole new world discovered for those who are not familiar with the place. A lot of things were quite new, at least for ...

Reminders and Must Haves Before Your Trip to Palawan

8:16 AM 0
If you're planning a trip to Palawan, particularly El Nido , here are reminders and must haves before you go: There are no ATMs in E...

Kinabuchs Grill and Bar in Puerto Princesa City Palawan

12:57 PM 0
It was the last night of our trip to Palawan   and we had arrived in Puerto Princesa from El Nido just in time for dinner. Kinabuchs Grill ...

Kain na Dito at Ka Inato in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

1:14 PM 0
Kain na dito (eat here) at Ka Inato in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan ! But no, Ka Inato doesn't mean "kain na dito." The rest...

Where to Stay When in Puerto Princesa and El Nido in Palawan

12:38 PM 0
With a recent trip to Palawan , these are places I can recommend for you to stay.  In Puerto Princesa City, we were lucky to have a host ...

Video: River Cruise and El Nido Island Hopping at Palawan

1:03 PM 0
Here is a video featuring a slideshow of images from a mangrove river cruise along Sitio San Carlos, Brgy. Bacungan in Puerto Princesa City...

El Nido Palawan Island Hopping: What's for Lunch?

1:15 PM 0
Other than the exciting experience hopping from one island to another and splashing through beaches and lagoons in between at El Nido, Pala...
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