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Ramen Nagi SM Baguio

6:13 PM 0
Ramen Nagi SM Baguio City is located at the 2nd Level, the main building of the mall.    The Japanese restaurant's location offers a goo...

Ways to Cook Canned Sardines

8:50 AM 0
Canned sardines (sardinas) is possibly the most common food stock item for groceries. It's probably even more popular now in quarantine ...

Baked Tahong in Oven Toaster or Microwave

10:52 PM 0
No need to be a MasterChef or an experienced cook; anyone can make this easy baked tahong in oven toaster or microwave recipe. All you nee...

Vikings Buffet Menu

9:54 AM 3
Here's another set of snapshots from Vikings Philippines during a visit earlier this year. Posting it before the year ends, with more f...
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