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Sprout Solutions Reaps the Benefits of Growth with Recent Achievements

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Philippine HR technology provider Sprout Solutions recently received local, regional, and international recognition for its growth. The B2B SaaS company’s latest accolades come from the Financial Times, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and G2.

The Financial Times is a leading global news organization known for excellent authority, integrity, and accuracy. Meanwhile, the Philippine Daily Inquirer is a major Filipino newspaper. Both publications partnered with top business data platform Statista, a statistics portal with insights on 170 industries across over 150 countries.

On the other hand, G2 is a software marketplace with over 60 million annual customers. Businesses can find the best technology solutions for their daily operations and review them on G2.

A Growth Champion in the Philippine Tech Industry

Sprout’s rapid growth has earned it several local accolades. Ranking high on the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista’s Growth Champions 2022 list adds to these achievements.

Sprout came in at number seven on Inquirer’s Growth Champions list, which includes firms such as Security Bank, Century Pacific Food, Inc., and Robinson Retail Holdings, Inc.

Rising with Asian & International Tech Giants

Also, the Financial Times has recognized Sprout as a top growing company in the Asia-Pacific region. The firm placed #160 on FT's High-Growth Company list for 2022, and it’s the only Filipino HR tech company on it.

Furthermore, Sprout has earned international recognition from G2’s recent Best Software Awards. It’s a top-three company in the website’s HR Analytics list and #37 on the Top 100 High Satisfaction Products list.

Support and trust from clients, stakeholders, and partners helped the company grow and receive accolades over the past two years.

The Key to Sprout’s Growth

Sprout’s goal of transforming how small, medium, and large enterprises handle HR stems from its north star. The company aims to impact the lives of every Filipino by improving business in the Philippines. Sprout’s growth reflects that mission.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Philippines went digital right away. Businesses went remote in the past two years to keep employees safe. Now that pandemic protocols are slowly being relaxed, some firms started to embrace hybrid work. This hybrid setting lets employees work remotely and in-office.

As businesses adopted hybrid work, they needed help to transform manual HR processes into cloud-based tasks. More and more firms have discovered Sprout’s holistic people platform and eventually partnered with the company.

What Lies Ahead

Sprout’s CEO and co-founder, Patrick Gentry, has never been happier with the company’s continued recognition. “The growth of Sprout is a validation of our North Star - to impact the lives of Filipinos by improving business in the Philippines. I can’t thank our clients, partners, and stakeholders enough for their support,” he says.

But even as the company gains local and global recognition, Mr. Gentry affirms that they still have more work to do. “While we have come a long way, our journey is far from over as we strive to respond to the changing landscape of work through our holistic people platform.”

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