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Ready for Anything: Helpful Gadgets To Have In Your Home In Case of Emergencies

Typhoons, flash floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, power outages—these are the most common emergencies we face as Filipinos. Since these disasters can strike at any time, it’s ideal to have a set of tools that’ll help you stay safe and connected all year round. Purchase these seven must-have devices so that your home will be ready when the next calamity strikes.

  1. Power bank

Power banks are compact batteries that can charge a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming consoles, and laptops. The higher the power supply (usually measured in mAh or milliamps per hour), the more gadgets you can charge. Choose one with multiple charging ports so you and your loved ones can simultaneously power up your devices. 


iFuture All In One Super Power Bank 10000mAh, P1,299, The SM Store
This power bank’s got a built-in AC plug, Qi Wireless Charging, and three built-in charging cables.


  1. Rechargeable fan

When the electricity is out for hours, you can keep cool by investing in a rechargeable fan. Depending on the product’s price point, you can get nifty features such as multiple fan speeds, USB charging port, light, and radio. 


Firefly Rechargeable Multifunction Foldable Fan FEL-656, P999 [now on sale at P499], ShopSM 

Made of lightweight, fire retardant housing material, this portable fan also has a night light found at its base. 


  1. Rechargeable light

A portable light source—such as a lamp or flashlight—comes in handy when a blackout occurs in the dead of night. This is a safer, more reliable alternative than candles, which are known for being fire hazards when left unattended. When selecting a rechargeable flashlight, pick one that feels light in your hands, has at least 20 to 150 Lumens (ideal for homes), and uses an LED bulb (known for shining brighter and using less energy than other types).


Omni LED Rechargeable Emergency Light AEL-100, P249, ShopSM

This portable light source can work for up to seven hours and comes with a 1200mAh power bank. 

Ace Hardware Rechargeable LED Flashlight, P279.75 [now on sale at P219.75], ShopSM

Capable of projecting light to a 50-meter beam distance, this LED flashlight can run for up to six hours.


  1. Basic phone 

Compared to smartphones, basic handsets are known for their sturdiness and long battery life. It is a great backup to have during emergency situations, allowing you to save important contact details, make or receive calls, and send or receive messages.


ITEL it2173 Basic Phone, P499, ITEL Mobile at Cyberzone (See all ITEL Mobile branches here.) This affordable mobile phone has a wireless FM radio and two SIM card slots.

(Image for phone: )


  1. Non-electric stove

It’s smart to invest in a portable non-electric stove so you can heat water and cook meals without relying on electricity. You can opt to get a stove with a single or double burner (recommended for larger households) or one that relies on LPG or butane to fire it up. 


Asahi Single Burner Gas Stove GS446, P699, The SM Store 

Because of its dimensions (365 mm x 285 mm x 105 mm), this single burner gas stove can be stored just about anywhere. 


  1. Emergency radio

Get the latest news and weather alerts with an emergency radio at hand. These may come in the form of hand crank, solar, rechargeable, or even hybrid models that do more than just receive radio signals. 


Firefly Powerful LED Torch Lamp with AM/FM Radio, P999 [now on sale at P699], ShopSM

Providing four straight hours of radio use, this two-in-one rechargeable gadget can be held by hand or carried using a shoulder strap.


  1. Portable WiFi

Don’t just rely on your mobile phone’s data to keep you informed or entertained. With a mobile WiFi router, you can keep the entire family (and multiple gadgets) connected with the digital world. 


Globe LTE Mobile WiFi, P899, ShopSM

Offering speeds of up to 24mbps, this WiFi router can be linked to 10 devices.


How many of these emergency essentials do you already own? Complete your list by shopping at SM Supermalls or via The SM Store or ShopSM. You can also download the SM Malls Online app and easily order for pick-up or delivery.


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