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Dad’s New Favorite Chair From SM Home

Let Dad relax with this Air Leather Recliner.  The availability of the item varies per store.

Give Dad a gift of comfort and joy this Father’s Day with special seat from SM Home, the one-stop shop that has a wide variety of Dad’s Chairs that are ergonomic, sturdy and reliable.

Let Dad relax with this Air Leather Recliner.  The availability of the item varies per store.

After a hard day at the office, there’s nothing like a comfy chair he can retreat to at the end of the day and just completely relax, like an Air Leather Recliner.

Incline to recline with this contemporary Manner Recline Sofa that has an adjustable back-rest and Manner Stool seat.

If Dad’s a bit of a movie buff or a gamer, he most probably has a home theatre set-up. Help him create a proper theater lounge that will help create that luxury, cinematic experience. With a relaxed, oversized seating style and a couple of drink holders, it will be easy to make Dad nice and comfy.

A big and leather sofa is always perfect for Dad’s TV game night.

A lounge room is a home’s place for entertaining and relaxing; Dad’s place for catching up with family and friends, for chilling out with a good book after dinner and gathering around to watch his favorite sports. What every lounge room needs is a big Sofa that can seat a few people or let Dad really stretch out, like leather selections from SM Home.

Turn any corner into a cozy nook with an accent chair.

A simple, deep high-backed chair is perfect for his reading nook.

Hosh Wooden One-seater Sofa.

With many Dads, currently in a WFH mode, create a functional and productive workspace for him with SM Home’s selection of ergonomic and multi-functional office chairs.

Shop for your dad and place your order online through the SM Store’s Call to Deliver (#143SM) and ShopSMapp. For more info and updates, follow SM Home at the SM Store in Instagram or visit website.

Create an ergonomic workspace for Dad with this office chair with an arm rest.

This Tack Office Chair provides an all upper-body support and comfort as you work

Space-saving Hosh Foldable Office Chair with wheels


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