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How to Refund SM Tickets

Who would think credit card reversals can be a bittersweet moment? That’s exactly how I felt after finally seeing the SM concert ticket cost refunded to my account. I honestly would have preferred watching the show instead but for the sake of those who may need to have this done, here is how to refund SM tickets.

how to refund sm tickets

Credit Card Disputes 

First of all, for transactions with possible fraud, disputes should be raised to the bank or credit card (CC) provider. The latter will need to conduct an investigation which will include contacting the involved merchant where the card was used. 

In my case, it was a legitimate transaction but the merchant (SM Tickets) did initiate the reversal because the current COVID-19 situation had made it impossible to hold live concerts at the moment. Most, if not all concerts had been canceled or postponed because of the pandemic. So when I called the CC provider, they referred me to the merchant instead for the process because it's not a dispute. 

How to Refund SM Tickets 

If you purchased tickets using a credit card or debit card, getting a refund is easy but will still take a while to finally get your money back. 

For Credit or Debit Card Reversals

If you paid using credit or debit card, you need to remember which outlet you purchased the ticket from; or if you purchased it online, which branch you claimed the physical ticket/s from. The actual outlet is most likely not operating at the moment so you will be referred to the Customer Service office, which is normally located within the SM Department Store. 

You will then fill up a form with information about the ticket/s purchased as well as your contact details. Most of the details (i.e. event, date, price, and so on) are on the physical ticket anyway. Additional info like when was it purchased, payment method used, and so on may also be needed so you can backtrack such using credit card statements or bank account transaction history. 

Bring the actual ticket/s too because they will be attached with the form and surrendered. I took as many photos of the tickets as I can for remembrance. :( 

greenday live in manila concert tickets

After that, it was a waiting game. The SM staff did give a heads up that it may take some time before I see the reversal. She said some customers before me, waited for months before they got their money back. But I can contact the SM Tickets hotline though for follow-up. 

I didn’t wait too long and I need not even call the customer care hotline. Credit reversal was processed the following month after submitting the request form. I planned to contact the hotline after 30 days but I already saw reversal reflect on my credit card statement beforehand. The funds were credited before the date specified date.  

sm ticket credit card refund

Cash Refunds

For tickets purchased by cash, the process is different. I don’t have first-hand experience on this but SM provided specific guidelines on how to get a refund for tickets paid by cash through their official Facebook page. 

how to refund sm tickets

The original Facebook page post can be found here:

sm tickets cash refund process

Since the post had not been updated nor changed after, I assume that it is still the process followed. But just to make sure, you can always drop a line through their support channels. 

SM Tickets


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You can also use the Contact Form available on their official website.

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