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Know Your Benefits! Join SSS Webinars!

Are you an SSS member? Know your benefits! Attend FREE Social Security Service webinars for in-depth information on various benefits available for you as a member. 

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SSS Online In-Depth Information Seminar 

One of the online seminars include intensive training on several Social Security and Employees Compensation programs including recently announced updates and how benefits are computed. 


If you attend both Day 1 and Day 2 of the webinar series and complete all the modules, you will even receive an e-certificate along with everyone else within your batch. 

Modules include the following:

  • Membership and Contributions Policies

These include SS and EC Medical Benefits (Sickness, Maternity, Disability, and EC Benefits) including computations. 

  • Non-Medical Benefits (Unemployment, Retirement, Death and Funeral Benefit & Pension Loan Program) including computations
This covers topics like Short Term Member Loans (Salary, Calamity, Educational Loan).

  • SSS Online Facilities and Updates

The first three modules are scheduled for Day 1 since these are the most important information for members to know about. Day 2 modules are also vital, especially the Online Facilities. There are services you can avail of online and requirements you can fulfill through the web so you need not visit an actual SSS branch. It saves you time and money and keeps you safer from the threat of COVID-19 too. 

Online seminar schedules are normally set from Monday to Friday with a limited number of attendees per schedule so registration is on a first come first serve basis. 

How to Join SSS Webinars

To join an SSS webinar, simply visit the SSS EventBrite page (

Scroll down to the list of Live Events and chose a webinar you're interested with. 


Click that specific webinar's page and scroll down to where the available are dates are listed. Dates are hyperlinked in blue text. Click on those to be redirected to the Google Form you need to fill out. 

If your preferred date is no longer available, you can always select a different time or wait for a new batch to be posted. Just bookmark the Event page and visit regularly to check when new schedules become available. 

SSS Webinar Videos on YouTube

You may also watch past SSS webinars recorded and posted on certain YouTube channels. Just make a quick search to find them. 

Do you know someone who may benefit from this information? Share this post or just link them to the actual SSS webinar page. 

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