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Dress Up Your Desk with SM Stationery

The Techy Artist. Energize your home office space with a combination of techie and artsy accessories from SM Stationery.

With working from home emerging as a new lifestyle trend, we are certainly spending more time in our home offices. With that, our desks have become a favorite space where we make reports, plan our schedules, attend zoom meetings, and keep connected with friends and family.

Declutter your desk with this geometric design three- layer desk drawer and matching grey accessories.

The Girlie Go-Getter.  Bring a sophisticated, feminine touch to your work space.

Pretty in pink notebooks and organizers.

And the start of the New Year is a good time to give our desks at home or in the office, much- needed refresh with stylish accessories from SM Stationery.  These desk-mates mirror the latest fashion trends – metallic mesh, geometric pattern – lattice, herringbone, dotted; and as well as pop of pastel colors that will help you work better and more creatively.

Jot down your daily activities and thoughts on these journals and notebooks.

The Urbanite. Minimalist gray desk accessories with a sophisticated edge.

Organize paperwork like a pro with this magazine holder.

Organize your desk with fun and functional accessories and storage systems that highlight your personality.  Showcase the things you love by adding gadget accessories like LED Touch lamp that makes your space modern and contemporary. 

The Nature Lover. Bringing the color of the sea and the sky to your desk will help you master the blues. Keep calm and master your online class.

This laptop stand has a 7-level adjustable height in ergonomic design that is easy to fold and move with its anti-slip silicone.

 Add this desk organizer and keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Add green in your workspace to welcome new ideas and experiences. Indoor plants can help you keep calm and breathe in your work area. But most of all - make it also an inviting space for yourself as you work long hours, or for visitors who may drop by.

Have a smooth and functional workspace from your documents to your laptop peripherals with this non-slip desktop leather pad.

Optimize space with this modern, sleek and metallic mesh organizer.

 The desk organizer set collection is available at selected SM Stationery section of the SM Stores.  Also, SM Stationery is now online on www.smstationery.com.ph and with the SM Store’s #143SM Call to Deliver services.  You can now have your home office must-haves delivered right to your doorstep. Follow SM Stationery PH in Instagram and Facebook and join their Viber community for more details and info. 

Light up your working space with this cute and nifty touch lamp with phone stand.

Dimmable LED Touch lamp with pen holder

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