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SM For MSMEs: Frankie and Friends - Creating a culture of conscious consumption



Jammy San Juan-Magsino loves creative spaces where new ideas are born and she also loves connecting people. Together with her friends, she found the perfect expression of these two great loves – Frankie and Friends General Store.

“We want to reinvent retail by creating a culture of conscious consumption where buyers resonate with the products they buy because of how, where and who the people behind the product are,” shares Jammy.

Frankie and Friends elevated the Filipinos’ love for bazaars, with sustainability as a core value in almost everything they offer. Launched in 2018 at SM Aura, their very first pop-up store curated over 50 local brands, which has now grown to over 120 brands with a dedicated 263 sqm space of local creation, a dedicated workshop area and specialty corners where community and story-telling is cultivated.




“We see sustainability as a core value in almost everything we offer. It isn’t just limited to the utility aspect of zero-waste products, but it is a lifestyle shift to slow-living and shopping with intention so you end up only buying what is meaningful and made to last,” expounds Jammy.

#MeaningfulMustHaves is their phrase for sustainability, which focuses on purchases that have a significant positive impact to the environment and to the community. Most of their curated products generate community livelihood programs and support their zero-waste initiative.

“We want to create awareness about this movement, especially at a time like this where families and MSMEs have been greatly affected by this pandemic,” explains Jammy.

With this innovative concept that promotes a paradigm shift in retail, Frankie and Friends found the most suitable partner in SM, being one of the largest retailers in the country. “The retail culture and community in SM Aura has definitely helped us tell our brand story better and helped us reach more people,” exclaims Jammy.



Frankie and Friends received the “Breakthrough Concept Award” from SM, in recognition of their noteworthy, out-of-the-box retailing concept.

“It has been a joy working with the SM Aura team, and the constant support and encouragement they offer mean everything to us and our brand partners,” expresses Jammy. “We’ve really started and expanded our operations because of our partnership with SM, and our team is grateful in looking forward to making more milestones with SM.

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