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SM For MSMEs: Cocobody: Learning valuable lessons amid the pandemic



Before the pandemic hit, Cocobody President and Founder Reynaldo Pacheco Jr. admitted that he viewed business as a rat race. He said his focus back then was how to get ahead in the game. Things changed when COVID-19 struck.

“The pandemic has taught us that in the end, in the business environment, it’s about our relationships with each other and doing good to others that really matter,” he says.

These things he exemplifies with the way he takes care of his employees during the pandemic. Even before the lockdowns, he said he had given his employees free products including their virgin coconut oil (VCO) as he was well aware of their health benefits.

“Before the lockdown, I already gave my employees and their families free VCO. When the lockdowns happened, continuous ang sweldo nila. We also provided food, transportation and temporary shelter for those working at our facilities,” Reynaldo shares.




Cocobody also used this time to become more active with community endeavors. It has been giving free products to frontliners such as healthcare workers at the Philippine General Hospital, and members of the Philippine Coast Guard, and to returning overseas Filipino workers.

Because of the disruption in their retail operations, Cocobody had to look for other channels to reach their customers. Expanding their online presence, Reynaldo says, is not only meant to sell their products but also educate the public about the health benefits of coconut products. For years, he has been avidly monitoring research about the health benefits of coconuts and the wonders of VCO. Recently, the Department of Science and Technology has started conducting studies on VCO as a potential antiviral agent against COVID-19. Reynaldo says this has at least given their products a boost in sales. 

“One of the things we’re giving high importance to is we are putting together on our online platforms a section to educate the public about the uses and benefits of coconut products. We do this for the public’s better understanding of the coconut,” Reynaldo says.




Reynaldo shares that he is also grateful for the assistance SM and Kultura have given their company and their people.

“SM gave our promodizers, our employees, cash assistance during the lockdown. SM and Kultura have also been suggesting to us creative ways in which we can sell our products and reach our customers,” Reynaldo says.

Cocobody, Cocolicious and other products are available at Kultura located in SM Malls. You may also order Cocobody, Cocolicious and other uniquely Filipino items at

[Additional photo provided by Cocobody] 

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