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Cebu Best Mango: Confections’ determination

As a souvenir item, Cebu Best Mango’s products are the perfect reminders of home. However, as their sales are largely dependent on tourists, they have also been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“COVID-19 definitely hit us hard. Tourism, as we know it, is down, and we're all still in the process of finding new ways to reignite this industry,” Vince Ong, Manager at Cebu Best Mango, says.

Despite the challenges, Cebu Best Mango remains optimistic that it will bounce back. “I think having trusted partners with strong e-commerce platforms and logistics partners like Kultura and SM makes it easier for us to continue with the existing structure,” Vince adds.

Aside from its retail partners, Cebu Best Mango is strengthening its ties with the farming communities it works with.

“We source our ingredients from different parts of Cebu. We also get ingredients from Batangas, Bohol, Davao, Misamis, Negros, Pangasinan and Zamboanga. Supporting Filipino farmers and the local agriculture industry is an important part of our business,” says Vincent Ong, Manager at Cebu Best Mango.

It also ensures to continue taking care of its own employees. One of them is team leader Luisa Muñez, who has been working with the company for 27 years already.

“I am the sole breadwinner for my four kids. My job at Cebu Best has been a huge help to me in raising my kids and sending them to school,” Luisa says.


Cebu Best Mango says it is using this time as an opportunity for them to beef up facilities and explore new products. The result could only be a more exciting prospect for Cebu Best Mango, which produces confections from pineapples and calamansi aside from its famous dried mangoes and mango chocolates.

Cebu Best’s dried mangoes and other products are available at Kultura located in SM Malls. You may also order Cebu Best products and other uniquely Filipino items at When you buy Cebu Best Mango products, you also support the local farmers of Cebu and the individuals it works with.

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