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5 Ways to Celebrate K-Fest at SM Supermalls Pangasinan


Top 5 Ways to Celebrate K-Fest This October

The Korean wave is real, and it is here to stay. Ever since shows like Bright Girl, Autumn in My Heart, Lovers In Parisand My Girl started airing on Philippine TV back in 2003, the Filipino community instantly fell in love with the Korean culture. It's been more than a decade and the craze has only grown even more.

From TV shows to K-Pop music, fashion, makeup, skincare, and even their cuisine and snacks, we have embraced the Korean culture, not just as a mere hobby, but as a lifestyle. So to show our Asian neighbors our appreciation, SM Supermalls is inviting everyone to celebrate K-Fest!  Starting October 3 to October 13, you participate by supporting beloved Korean products easily found at your nearest SM Supermalls branch. With our safe-malling protocols, you can be sure that you are secure while celebrating K-Fest. Below are a few ways to enjoy this event.


If you want to achieve that Korean idol glow, but don't have any stores near you that sell the products you need, never fear. Mediheal, a brand from South Korea, provides products you can take home for your skincare regiments. You can get them at any Watsons at your nearest SM Supermalls branch at affordable prices.


Another way of celebrating K-Fest is to show appreciation for Korean technology. LG, a popular household brand, is one of those Korean companies that hit the globe by storm. Providing high-quality home appliances and electronic gadgets, LG prides itself on its Korean craftsmanship by combining art and technology. Check out some of their products at any SM Appliance Stores.


Nothing demonstrates Korean technology more than the industry giants - Samsung. They have taken over the world and have made their mark as one of the top electronic gadget and home appliance manufacturing companies. When you think Samsung, you think quality. So this coming K-Fest, check out some of your favorite Samsung mobile devices at SM Cyberzone. Look at the new models with updated features and elegant designs. Who knows, you might be able to bring one home.

Snacks and Treats

Celebrate K-Fest with us by stocking up on your favorite Korean Snacks. There is so much to choose from. You got Pepero, Orion Choco Pie, Honey Butter Chips, Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate and more. But the best thing is you can get these at your nearest SM Supermarket. So make sure to add those on your next grocery list.


Nothing speaks Korean delicacy more than kimchi. It is as staple as Filipinos and adobo. It is so delicious and it pairs well with almost every meal. It may be the last on our list, but it defines Korean culture like nothing else. So celebrate K-Fest with some kimchi serving on your next meal. You can make your own or you can buy pre-made kimchi at your nearest SM Supermarket.

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