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Always be protected from infection with this anti-fogging, anti-dust and anti-splash Face Shield from Surplus.
Three Ply Surgical Face Mask available at Surplus.

Embracing the new normal means investing in a few washable masks that are built to last and protect you and those around you.

As we embrace the new normal, keep your family safe and protected at home or anywhere you go with great finds you can Shop & Ship from Surplus.
Keep the health of you and your loved ones in check with this smart thermometer.

The Pack N’ Go insulated lunch tote keeps your food and refreshments in good condition.

Make your own healthy juice or smoothies with this portable Mix and Go Rechargeable Juicer.

There are face masks and smart thermometers to keep you healthy and protected. Surplus is also a one-stop shop for a healthy and happy home:  air humidifiers and revitalizers, as well as rechargeable handy mist fans to keep you cool this summer. You’ll enjoy homemade juices and smoothies with rechargeable juicers; as well as listening to your favorite tunes with portable Bluetooth speakers.
These water- based essential oils in Eucalyptus & Mint, Fresh Linen and Rainforest scents will not only leave your room smelling pleasant but also offers many health benefits.

This Air Revitalizer keeps the air fresh and brings a pleasant aroma to your room. Available in green and pink swirl colors.

An Air Humidifier adds moisture to the air, solves dryness of your skin and prevents the spread of airborne viruses. Get this beautiful addition to your home at Surplus.

Join the Surplus’ Viber community to shop, then call the available branch you prefer to be assisted and pay through cash, debit or credit card or online transfer. You may also shop for Surplus essential items at Surplus stores that are now open to safely serve you.
Portable Bluetooth speakers for your playlist.

Always keep your cool with this rechargeable and handy mist fan.

Keep you and your family safe and stay updated as Surplus goes interactive. Like them on Facebook and Twitter at SurplusPH and Instagram at Surplus_ph to know more about the serving branches and great deals.

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