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Where and How to Donate for COVID 19 Victims

The new Coronavirus (COVID-19), has affected millions worldwide. Countless businesses have temporarily closed, leaving millions jobless at the moment. Over 200,000 confirmed deaths have also been recorded as of this post (see this live tracker). Amidst the chaos, the pandemic has at least encouraged people's charitable spirit. And if you're looking for an option to help out, here's where and how you can donate for COVID 19 victims. 

Where and How to Donate for COVID 19 Victims

Where to Donate for COVID 19 

From the international level, known organizations are the first on the list. These include the World Health Organization, the United Nations and its various branches (like the UNICEF or United Nations Children's Fund), and the Red Cross to name some. 

Known Organizations

Apart from international groups, their local counterparts and other known organizations are also ideal, specially those with a track record of visibly helping out during calamities. These include charitable foundations from churches and businesses. 

Something Close to Your Heart

How about your alma mater? Universities and other educational institutions may have their own donation drive too. The same applies to hospitals, business establishments, brands and popular celebrities you probably follow online. 

Charity Begins at Home

The quote, "charity begins at home" finds its origin in a Biblical verse. It simply pertains to helping everyone within your family circle or those closer to you first before strangers. 

Everything is Digital Now

Speaking of strangers, everything is digital now and you can extend aid that way. Those in need of help are all over social media groups or even in pages, posting comments in posts

It's heartbreaking to see how people set aside pride and publicly plead for assistance. But it can't be helped because the enhanced community quarantine has been extended again, after more than 30 days since it was first implemented (in Metro Manila). 

How to Donate for COVID 19

When donating, make sure you are doing so directly through the official online channels of your chosen organization, specially for web-based donations. Double check the website URL and social media page before proceeding. 

Be careful when dealing with individuals you don't personally know. Not to be too cautious but there are reports of fake accounts and posts asking for financial aid. So it won't hurt to check profiles and verify the information first. 

Physical Precautionary Measures

If you are sending the donation through money transfer services or anything which requires going outside, precautionary measures also involve the usual physical distancing, sanitizing hands (via alcohol or hand sanitizer), wearing protective masks and the so on. 

Spare Change 

GCash is very handy at this time. Spare change goes a long way, cumulatively, if many can send just a peso (I believe this is the minimum amount accepted); provided the recipient has a GCash account as well. 

Rewards Points

Those with membership rewards can donate their points to charities if there is an option to do so. I know some credit cards have this option but do check the rewards catalogue through their website or ask a customer service representative if you're not sure. 

Volunteer or Share Skills

There are other ways to donate aside from anything monetary in nature. You can also donate time and volunteer. Local government units (LGUs) and some private groups accept volunteers for relief related operations such as repacking goods and distributing them, preparing meals, etc. You can even organize your own relief drive amongst family members, friends, co-workers, church, schoolmates, and so on. 

Live streamed musical shows are also a thing now. Musicians get to share their talent; providing free entertainment as we stay at home in quarantine. You can do the same too. It doesn't have to be as fancy but even a fun Tiktok video can be as entertaining. If not music, then how about sharing free tips related to your skill like arts & craft, fitness, health, business, etc.?

Above all, just being a responsible citizen is a donation in itself. Practice social distancing, frequently wash hands and #stayathome so our frontliners can soon go home too. 

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