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Samgyupsal at Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat is one of the first to offer unlimited samgyupsal in Metro Manila since 2012. Their Korean barbecue version includes pork and beef meats you can cook in a round griller. 


What is Samgyupsal?

While I'm more invested in just the actual dining experience, learning a little bit about the food, makes us appreciate it more. So what is samgyupsal? 

Samgyupsál is translated from the Korean phrase samgyeop-sal (stylized as 삼겹살 in Hangul) which literally means "three-layer flesh" because of how pork belly appears when cut in the middle, as if it has three layers alternating between lean meat and fat, like this samgyupsal at Samgyupsalamat in the round griller below. 

samgyupsalamat samgyupsal

Apart from the samgyeopsal or grilled pork belly (Romanized as samgyeopsal-gui or samgyeopsal-gui), which we often see served in most restaurants offering this dining setup, there are other meat cuts that are also included in the menu, although the samgyup-sal is what brings people to places like Samgyupsalamat. 

How to Eat Samgyupsal

While there are supposed suggestions on how you can eat samgyupsal, it's literally up to you. The meat can be enjoyed as is or paired with rice or side dishes. 

lettuce wrap

You can also follow the usual Korean way using lettuce wrap. Just wrap a piece of the grilled meat around the lettuce and add any of the side dishes as you wish (cheese, kimchi, caramelized onion, radish) and top it with sauce (samjjang, gochujang), sesame oil, or anything you'd like to add. Koreans even include a garlic clove. You'll notice this if you watch K-dramas, when characters go out for a drink. 

Samgyupsalamat Meat, Flavors, and Best Seller

Samgyupsalamat serves pork and beef meat in different marinades. 
samgyupsal meat

Some of the variations include dae-pae, bul-jib, Yangnyum (or Yangnyeom) dae-pae, Gochujang samgyup, Yangnyum buljib, beef samgyup, Yangnyum beef, Bulgogi, Gochujang beef, and sarsa beef. 

Samgyupsalamat Pork Meats

  • Daepae is a thinly sliced pork belly. 
  • Bul jib is the Korean word for honeycomb. 
Below is bul jib and dae pae. 

samgyupsal pork

  • Yangnyeom dae-pae is seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce containing gochujang, garlic, ginger, sugar, soy sauce, and other spices. 
  • Gochujang is almost the same as Yangnyum but this one has more gochujang included, quite noticeable due to the color (left image below). Gochujang is fermented using chili paste, beans, and glutinous rice. Gochujang is one of Korea's most popular sauces and is used in a lot of dishes such as soup, meat, tteokbokki or rice cake, and more. 
  • Yangnyum buljib is the honeycomb cut meat in Yangnyum sauce. 
samgyupsal meat variants

Samgyupsalamat Beef Meats

The beef variations include the following:

  • Beef samgyup is the beef version of dae-pae, in terms of slice size. They almost look the same except that there's a thicker fat layer on the pork.
  • Yangnyum beef is the same as the Yangnyeom dae-pae in pork but beef meat.
  • Gochujang beef is the same as the pork one explained above but in beef.
  • Bulgogi is made of thin slices of marinated beef from the best cuts (mostly rib eye and sirloin).
  • Sarsa beef is Filipino sweet-style marinated beef, which is probably only available in Samgyupsalamat.

Beef samgyup and Bulgogi:

samgyupsalamat best seller meat

Samgyupsalamat Menu

Alright, that's it for the unsolicited FYIs. Going back to the unlimited samgyupsal restaurant in feature, here's a sneak peek of some of the meats they serve on the menu.

samgyupsalamat menu

Samgyupsalamat Price

As of this post, their unli samgyupsal costs 549 pesos.

Happy hour discounts are also available on specific hours except for weekends and holidays for at least two diners.

Samgyupsalamat Branches

The official website of Samgyupsalamat is no longer working so there is no way to check how many branches they have specifically. There are several resources online, including blog posts, which listed branch locations and their contact information.

samyupsalamat parañaque

Another way to find branches near you is to simply use a search engine, particularly Google, as an example; it's because it incorporates Google Maps in the query. So on the same screen, click on Maps or scroll down to the More Locations tab.

samgyupsalamat branches

As of this post, I was able to find about 70 branches nationwide, excluding some entries that are unrelated on the last page of the list after clicking on "More Locations."

Aside from the main search results, on the "Maps" tab, you can patiently scour through the list for a branch near you or try different search parameters like "Samgyupsalamat + city" or "Samgyupsalamat near me." The latter may or may not be accurate though depending on your device's location settings or your Internet Service Provider's IP Address which you can both change.

You can update your location on search engine browsers (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on). If you're not comfortable with that, just search for a branch using the query sample above.

Other ways to find Samgyupsalamat branches are via Zomato (if you have the mobile app) or search using their website on a browser.


Lastly, there's Facebook. Note that not all pages are official. some may be user generated. So compare the address with other sources online. 

And to end this post, here's a short ASMR video grilling samgyupsal, taken from Samgyupsalamat.


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