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Caolion Products Review: Pore Original Pack, Steam Pore Pack, and Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask

Korean skincare continues to be a hit, partly because of the proliferation of KPop music idols and even Kdrama (TV show series) stars. You can't help but notice their seemingly perfect and poreless skin too. This is why the rigorous 10-step Korean skincare became a thing, along with popular pore related products  such as those from Caolion, a Korean brand, on this post.   

Caolion Original Pore Pack

Skin Pores

But pores are actually important so we don't really want to completely eliminate them. Sweat pores for one, enable sweat to travel from the sweat glands to the skin surface in order to maintain body temperature as the perspiration evaporates. The functionality is similar with oil pores. The latter assists sebum (our skin's natural oil from the sebaceous or oil glands) to travel to the skin surface. This oil keeps the skin soft, moisturized and healthy. 

So, because of the importance of pores, we should make sure they don't get clogged and remain functioning properly instead of hoping they completely disappear. 

Pore Products

There are cosmetics designed to at least temporarily cover the appearance of pores, specially, large ones. Some of which include BB or CC cream, concealer and foundation. Here comes pore products which are more specific in function --- to shrink pores or at least make them less visible. 

Caolion Pore Original Pack and Steam Pore Pack

With that disclaimer set aside, we move on to the products featured in this post starting with the duo, Caolion Pore Original Pack and Steam Pore Pack

These two are always paired together despite different colored packaging (below and the very first image above). I personally liked the first pair so I became a repeat buyer, to the point that the company already updated the box design. But they can also be purchased separately if offered. 

Caolion Steam Pore Pack

What makes it unique is the combination of the a hot and then cold ritual when using the product. In summary, the hot pack will awaken your senses while the cold pack will calm it down. 

Application and Ingredients

You start with the Steam Pore Pack for unclogging and cleaning the pores from blackheads and other skin impurities through it's main ingredient charcoal and then the sparkling water for moisture. The Original Pack on the other hand will help tighten the pores after it's unclogged. It also comes with a hydrating ingredient, Alaskan glacial water. Both packs are manufactured with numerous plant and organic based ingredients. 

However, the presence of kaolin, a type of white clay which is the same type used to create China porcelain and ceramic products, may be concerning for some. It sounds like the brand name so I would think its where they got their name from but who knows? 😁 Anyway, this kaolin ingredient is where the sting most likely comes from (aside from charcoal) during application. For everyone who uses clay based mask, the discomfort is at least no stranger. But if you haven't tried clay masks yet, you'd definitely get a kick from this. 

Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask

Like the pair above, the Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask is also a pore tightening product with the same soothing effect as the Original Pack of the duo. Aside from that, it's also formulated to help achieve a firmer skin. It is left on overnight, hence, the "sleeping mask" name. Not sure about the supposed lifting effect though but this doesn't deliver the results you can possibly get more from the duo above, probably why it is the brand's bestseller.

Caolion Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask

Caolion Cosmetics

Caolion is a South Korean brand established in 1995 and manufactures skincare products formulated for those with sensitive skin. Most of their products are pore-related, hence, the tagline "where is pore?" The official website is in Korean, but you can read information about it in English by flicking the language info on the upper right hand corner. See for English. 

Where to Buy it

Caolion Cosmetics is available in most skincare shops including Refinery 29, Sephora, Amazon, some department stores and of course their own website. 

The pricing seems to vary per store and appears to become lost in translation, err.. ForEx conversion so do compare and see the difference per shop.

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