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There's More to Nuvali than Feeding Fishes

Nuvali looks exciting for first timers, like those who join excursions and field trips. It's evident in their smiles and photo snaps, but for everyone else (or maybe just me) who lives in neighboring locations including Metro Manila, the area seems merely a place to feed fishes. 


Aside from that, traffic is very heavy, specially during weekends and holidays when everyone else seems to wanna getaway from the city for an escapade further down south, like Tagaytay, the private resorts in Laguna and more. 

Fishes in Nuvali 

I have to agree with everyone who thinks Nuvali is synonymous with fish feeding frenzy. It's what most people here do anyways, if not, just watch other visitors do so. 

But it does feel relaxing watching koi fishes swimming about for food, or when they simply swim. 

But on the other hand, it looks disturbing how they all flock towards the food, making it seem cramped. 

Some animal rights activists may also not agree with this arrangement, the way they probably don't patronize zoos and all types of animal confinement. 

If you take a close look at this, it could even be possible that these colorful creatures are engaging in a physical bout for food too. 

Boat Ride

But there's definitely enough space. A boat ride will show you the vast water area where fishes can swim. They just choose to stick around close to where tourists are, for the free food. 😅

The man-made lake actually extends towards an entire side of the park.  

On the right side, you'll see a glimpse of an open area for picnic. 

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More Things to do in Nuvali 

But apart from feeding fishes, boat ride, picnic, walking around or biking, there are more things to do in Nuvali. 

Ayala Malls Solenad 3

One big thanks to that adjacent mall, Ayala Malls Solenad; there are at least more options for dining apart from the restaurants close to the park itself. 

Ayala Malls Solenad 3

Starbucks Nuvali

There's even the friendly neighborhood coffee shop brand. 

Starbucks Nuvali

Along with other retail shops. I didn't actually get to explore around. We just dropped for a meal before heading back home. 

Silantro Nuvali

It was also a pleasant surprise to find Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina here. 

Silantro Nuvali

At the time, the resto was packed. Diners vary from students to dating couples, families, and corporate office workers. 

First pick when ordering is the usual Calliente wings. It's spicy, marinated with an intriguing blend of herbs (I have no idea what since I don't even cook =), and the sauce which covers it is more finger-licking than breaded chicken. 

These were well-loved even before the unlimited (chili or not) wings became a thing. 

The rest of the dishes can be anything else on the menu. Below is their grilled porkchop. 

The guacamole dip seems to work with any meat including pork, lamb (they have lamb chop) and seafood. 

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Nuvali Eco-City

Above all, Nuvali is more than just a tourist destination. It's the eco-city mission which makes it stand out --- where you can combine nation and nature building at the same time through sustainable development. 

More about Nuvali:

Address: Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna
Facebook: NUVALIOfficial
Instagram: NUVALIPh
Twitter: NUVALIOfficial

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