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Villa Sofia Private Resort in Calamba Laguna

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of private resorts in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna and other barangays in this town. Here's one we've visited, Villa Sofia. 

Villa Sofia Private Resort in Calamba Laguna

Villa Sofia is a hot spring resort with a modern look. It has numerous rooms which can accommodate more than 20 persons at a time and a common area with a sports bar feel to it. 


There were 6 bedrooms in total with two bathrooms. 

Our party occupied all of the rooms during this stay. The total number of guests exceeded the maximum capacity of the resort in all (there were about 50 of us I think) but the entire space for beds is good enough for resting. They also provide additional mattresses upon request. 

About 5 or so of us from the group did not end up sleeping there but we've heard that there was indeed enough space for the rest of our host's clan for a shut eye. 

Common Area

The open area has a videoke and a billiards table. 

Villa Sofia Private Resort

You can also play basketball ball at the pool and outside the gate. A hoop is installed in the middle of the pool and the half court right outside the gate is the resort's property. The court is technically still part of the road but it's on a dead end so the area is all yours for a game or even for additional parking. 

The videoke here is available for an unlimited usage. 

Villa Sofia Calamba Laguna

The dining table is just beside the cozy sofa so some guests can be seated here during videoke (and or drinking) session time. The mics malfunctioned after hours of usage though; but the staff were very accommodating and replaced them right away. They were friendly too and promptly addressed all concerns. 

Kitchen Area

A kitchen area is located at the back, with a gas stove and BBQ grill. It's allowed to bring in your own food and drinks so you can use the griller and stove at the dirty kitchen to prepare meals. 

There's also a sink and a clothes line for drying wet swimwear at this section. 


The swimming pool features a mini-jacuzzi sized extension at the left where kids can stay (additional charges apply). 

Villa Sofia Resort

The main pool is rectangular in shape with about 1/4 of it shaded; allowing guests to swim even when the sun is high up. 

Villa Sofia

Sun bathing chairs (not in photo) are also available for those who'd like to bask under the sun. It served as an additional sleep area for our group. 😅


Sorry, the signage below is just the house rules. There is no information about the rates on their website and social media pages. I believe that pricing is quoted based on the number of expected guests as well as on how many villas (rooms) will be rented. 

Overnight rate is obviously going to be more expensive than day tour fees. The same applies to booking during peak season (summer and holidays) versus off peak time. But for an estimate, expect a quote of at least ₱12,000 for a day's rent and ₱22,000 for overnight. Other variables will also be considered. I've heard that our host had to paid extra after the total guests exceeded the site's maximum capacity. 

Areas of Improvement

This place definitely delivers the promise of a relaxing bonding time with friends and family and even as a destination for work related team building or corporate events. But there are still areas of improvement, at least based on what we have experienced. 

For one, they strictly adhered to the hours. So even if the previous party (day tour guests) had already left the premises, they had us wait for about 2 hours to clean and prepare the place. They didn't allow anyone to enter, even the designated cook. The time spent waiting would have been enough to prepare dinner or at least a quick snack. 

Other than that, everything else is good and the overall experience is awesome so the place is definitely highly recommended.  


This specific resort is located in 158 Mutya St., Ma. Makiling Hot Spring Subdivision, Pansol, Calamba City. It looks like they also own two nearby resorts, Ysabel Garden and Ananda Spring. 

For more details, you may refer to the following information: 
Phone Number: 0922 838 0839

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