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Cozy Place Resort in Rosales, Pangasinan

Cozy Place Resort, that cozy small town resort in Rosales, Pangasinan has grown into an awesome place along with the town (think SM City Rosales). 

I remember when I first saw this place some years back. There was probably just one or two pools with a few benches and huts. So I was surprised to see how much it had improved in 2018. 

Cozy Place Resort in Rosales, Pangasinan

Cozier Development

Last year, it was an off season time so I would have been able to take pictures with fewer people on the background but I had no phone then. I only managed to slip inside by permission to find kids we'll fetch. The resort staff were kind enough to let me look around. I was accompanied by a staff member, of course. And yes, I found the kids. 

Cozy Place Resort

Pools and Amenities

Today, the place offers more pools. If my counting is right, there are eight. 

You'd be welcomed by a kiddie pool with slides and an even smaller pool beside it. 

Note: I'm sorry if there's anyone pictured with their faces here. ­čśČ I uploaded far shots only to avoid any close ups of people. 

Another pool is on the left beside that Cozy Place concrete standee pictured above. 

Sheds, Halls, Grills, Showers

The sheds are right infront of these pools as well as on the left side, leading towards the back extension. Further infront, close to the gate, you'd pass by the function hall for events on the way to the main resort area. 

Grills are on the far right, beside the shower area. More shower rooms are situated at the back (Phase 2 and 3 area).  

Phase 2 and 3

Speaking of the back, here are some fun-looking Instagram-able statues paving the way. You know you're closer to towards the bigger pools when you see them. 

This is one of the pools. Zoom in and you'll see longer thrilling slides on the last pool. 

More pools in front of it are available. I personally love one with a falls design. I honestly dozed off while lying down in that section. But that's because I came straight from work without sleep yet. 


Additional pools infront, right after entering the extension area, include an even smaller kiddie pool. It looks enclosed, quite safe for very small kids, i.e. babies, toddlers. Anyway, the facilities are pretty much safe overall since there are numerous lifeguards all over the area. But like any other public facility, you are responsible for your own kids and belongings. 

More Amenities

Apart from the pools, enjoy the garden. You can also stay overnight as there are airconditioned rooms at the back. 


It's best to reserve a hut (a day ahead) during peak season because you'll definitely run out of available ones. We were only given tables and chairs under the scorching sun because the areas underneath the shaded areas are also full! And note that we came in early at that, just past 8 AM. 

Never bring your flip flops to the pools. My daughter loss hers. Someone else stole, errr... wore the slippers so she went back to our table on bare feet. It's probably why a lot of guests are also walking towards the pools on naked feet. They know why!  ­čśé  If the bricked and cemented pathways become too hot, just walk fast and try to stay within the shaded sections.


₱150 - regular entrance fee 
₱75 for kids below 3 ft.

Nipa hut rates range from ₱300 to ₱700 and can accommodate between 9 to 18 persons.  

Hotel Rooms rates range between ₱1800 to ₱4500 depending on size (i.e. for 2 persons up to 6). Rooms can with breakfast and WiFi. 


Day tour is from 9AM to 5 PM. 
Night swimming is from 4 PM to 10 PM. 
The extensions (Phase 2 and 3) are open until 6 PM only.


It's in Provincial Road, Brgy. Rizal, Rosales, Pangasinan; about 10-15 minutes away from SM Rosales. Just follow the route towards the town proper, make a left at Sansano Rd. and left onto Magilas Trail (headed towards Nueva Ecija). You'll inching closer when you pass by the Land Transportation Office and the Department of Labor and Employment local offices at the right. The resort is on the left side. 


Call landline (075) 6327713 or mobile number ‭09302047992 for more information. You may also send a message through their Facebook page, .

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