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Beyond Pies and Cheesecakes at Banapple

Banapple is not just about pies and cheesecakes. Beyond the desserts they are famous for, other dishes they serve are similarly delectable! 

Banapple pies and cheesecakes


Banapple has been serving home-cooked style pies and meals for 12 years now. Their humble beginning in Quezon City, Philippines has evolved into world class cooking. They have consistently earned the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for several years (2013 - 2017). * 


Most diners will probably know more about Banapple's bakery goods such as their signature pies and cheesecakes as well as muffins, cookies, breads, cakes, and other desserts complemented by cold smoothies or hot drinks. But aside from what they are popular for, they also serve sandwiches, pancakes, soups, salads, pasta and more. 

In this post, what I've tried are entrees. 

Banapple hickory smoked barbecued country ribs

Above is the hickory smoked barbecued country ribs (Php ₱295) and below is the herbed chicken rolls with basil cream sauce (₱275). 

Banapple herbed chicken rolls with basil cream sauce

The ribs is one of their best sellers, along with chicken parmigiano and lasagna rolls up (among the pasta dishes). 

Other entrees include salpicao, pork loin, steaks, cream dory, baked fish, and boneless bangus. More pasta options include different styles of penne and fettucinne. 


The chicken is delicious. The sauce is a bit lacking though so I wish they can be more generous with it (like how it shows on their website). 

The ribs, on the other hand, is a runaway winner. No wonder why it's one of the best sellers. It's very tender and savory. 


Most of the main dishes cost below ₱300. The soups, salads, sandwiches and pancakes, along with drinks cost even less. So you can feed about 2-3 people with ₱1000. 


Detailed info about their menu, pricing, store locations, orders, and more are available through their website, or social media channels: and @banapplekitchen on Twitter/Instagram. 


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