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2018 Toyota Vios - Things we liked about the manual variant

It was only in July, 20th to be specific when Toyota Philippines officially launched the all-new 2018 Vios in the country. Well, there’s nothing much we need to say when it is the Vios, as the compact sedan has been a top seller in the Philippines for decades now. Be it then for personal or commercial (taxi) use, Toyota Vios is the first choice for Filipinos. Don’t believe us, check out the monthly auto sales report disclosed by Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA), and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID).

 all-new 2018 Vios

Well, it is very much clear from the heading that here we’ll be discussing the new Toyota Vios manual transmission and the reasons we love it. For many out there, the manual transmission is any day a preference over automatic, as the former provides better connectivity and control to the driver. As for the 2018 Vios that’s available in a total of eight variants, four feature a gear stick.

Before we move forward, here’s a quick sneak peek into all-new Toyota Vios variants and price list -

1.3 Base M/T : Php 659,000
1.3 J M/T : Php 685,000
1.3 E M/T : Php 828,000
1.3 E CVT : Php 878,000
1.3 E CVT Prime : Php 933,000
1.5 G M/T : Php 981,000
1.5 G CVT : Php 1,040,000
1.5 G CVT Prime : Php 1,095,000

2018 all-new Toyota Vios

Wondering what impressed us about the 2018 all-new Toyota Vios, well here it is -

1. Clutch and gear stick love affair with Philippines traffic ridden roads

Yes, we know that manual gearbox requires more work when in traffic. However, the good part is that 2018 Vios is blessed with an easy to operate manual setup. The clutch comes with short travel and is supple. Likewise, the gear to comes with short throw and demands see work from the right hand. So, be it a traffic-packed road or a long journey on the highway, the drive wouldn’t feel a bit tired.

2. Satisfactory fuel economy

The all-new Vios runs on the same mill options that featured in its previous model, that’s a 106 PS 1.5-litre and 98 PS 1.3-litre engine. Due to zero update on this front, Toyota received many criticisms. However, if one thinks smartly, both these engines are a pro when it comes to fuel economy. Take, for example, riding around in the 1.5-litre M/T Vios on a patch covering highway and city traffic would roughly cost you 15 kmpl of mileage.

3. Improved air-con system

Toyota Vios had a bad reputation when it came to air-conditioning. While the front got cool okay, it was the rear passengers that were most bothered. However, a lot has changed with the new Vios. Not only the front gets chilly, but the passengers at the back also enjoyed the ride equally.

4. Better ride comfort and stability

Better bolstered seats and firmer suspension are the two attributes making the ride in new Vios fun and comfortable. The ride now feels much more stable than before with only big bumps causing discomfort. Also, when making turns at a reasonable speed, the car’s manageable body roll gives driver confidence.

5.  It’s a Toyota

For better or worse, Vios is a car from a brand we trust and long know. Coming with a Toyota badge ensure things like affordability, reliability, and easy availability of parts. Plus, its great from the resale point of view as well. And the Vios only is a better version of its earlier form; therefore it’s a win-win from all sides.

That's all on the 2018 Toyota Vios manual variant.

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