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KTV Bars in Metro Manila: Centerstage, Music Bank, World Music Room and Monkey Mic

If you're looking for the best KTV bars in Metro Manila, start comparing through these four options: Centerstage, Music Bank, World Music Room and Monkey Mic. 

Centerstage Family KTV & RestoBar

Let me start with the rooms. This one on the photo below is for a group of 10 people. It's spacious enough to accommodate possibly more. 

KTV Bars in Metro Manila

The song selection is diverse, including new Billboard hits. You can also sing an unlimited number of songs throughout the hour (rate per hour option). 

I recorded one song while waiting for everyone to arrive (haha):

Back to the place...

The walls and overall design of this room in particular helps set the party vibe mood.

best KTV bars in Metro Manila

Parking is spacious enough, at least, within the SM by the Bay area. 

They accept reservations but needs to be claimed on time, otherwise, your slot and room will be reopened after 30 minutes. They will remind you (using the contact number provided), several times throughout that half hour duration in case you have forgotten. 

Centerstage Family KTV & RestoBar

Don't expect much when it comes to the food though, although, this branch is supposedly a KTV and restobar. My friends were probably just too hungry since they traveled from outside the metro during a heavy weekend traffic. 

Centerstage Family KTV & RestoBar Pasay

Centerstage Family KTV & RestoBar Pasay

Address: Bldg K, Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (02) 401 5480
Monday  to Thursday, 3pm -4am
Friday  to Saturday, 3pm- 5am
Sunday 12pm-2am

For other branches, rates, reservations and other information, visit their website, www.centerstage.com.ph.

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Music Bank

Music Bank

The song selection is also diverse but the rooms aren't too soundproof. We can hear people from nearby rooms, giggling and laughing. 

The lighting is also too bright that it can be rather distracting. Mics are a bit grounded as well and are too short, you'd have to draw closer towards the TV screen. 

affordable ktv bars in metro manila

As for the food, expect the usual bar cooking. The drinks were at least not too expensive. But I honestly didn't take note of the complete pricing as I didn't pay and didn't ask how much was paid either. 😆

Service was good. The staff was quick to accommodate our needs even if we had asked for a bucket of ice several times.

Parking is limited though but at least they close late. We headed out for morning coffee at past 4 AM already.

Music Bank Libis Quezon City

Music Bank Libis Quezon City

On Zomato, I've found three branches but there is no website for reference. The Facebook pages were also not for the brand in general but for a specific branch. 

Address: Lot 6, Block 13 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Barangay Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City
Phone number: 02 4371779

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World Music Room

This place is possibly the most affordable from this list. You can either pay per head or per hour. The latter is best if you're with a large group but for duos or trios, the former is ideal. 
World Music Room

I can't say much about the food since we didn't really stayed here long enough but the prices were at bay for those in a tight budget. 

Service, ambiance, and noise isolation are all okay. Parking is also spacious if you can find a spot nearby; i.e. the Promenade mall. 

cheapest ktv bar in metro manila

Monkey Mic

Last on this list is Monkey Mic Family KTV in QC. 

Monkey Mic

From this list, I'd say this is what I like the most in terms of ambiance, rooms, food, and noise isolation. 

Monkey Mic Family Ktv

Monkey Mic Rooms and Bar

While food is not really of gourmet quality, it's still a standout compared with the other three.

The ambiance is also good. Lighting is perfect, not too bright nor too dark. There is a wide variety of songs available on the song book. Microphones are working fine with enough extension for anyone, anywhere inside the room. 

family ktv bar in metro manila

Parking is good; there is an extension below the basement. However, hours are limited. I'm not sure if there is a curfew for bars like this in Q.C. as much as there is within the B.F., Parañaque area but did they called out a last order before 2AM.

Monkey Mic Family KTV

Address: Block 3 Lot 8 Congressional Ave. Extension, Quezon City
Phone Number: 0926 167 4166
Opens at 3:00 PM
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ktv bar around metro manila

Best KTV Bar in Metro Manila

If there is a standout in terms of overall features and functions, that will be Monkey Mic. The rest of the KTV bars included in this list also stand out on their own for specific reasons; hence, you can also still choose one based on your preference. 

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