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Kimono Ken Japanese Restaurant

Kimono Ken has been satisfying Filipino cravings for Japanese food for over a decade now. You'll find the usual sushi, sashimi, maki, katsu, karaage, tempura, teriyaki and tepanyaki; along with possibly introductory dishes like donburi (pan cake style) in servings of yakimono (grilled) or ippinyori (ala carte). 

Kimono Ken Menu

Here are a few dishes from the menu. 

Maki, gotta love the sight of this little green wasabi

Kimono Ken Japanese Restaurant

Sashimi, still with wasabi ;)

Kimono Ken Menu

Gyoza, Japanese version of fried dumplings

Kimono Ken restaurant

Salmon with teriyaki sauce

Kimono Ken resto

My obligatory coffee cup :) 

Kimono Ken metro manila

Japanese beer

Kimono Ken philippines

Pricing and Serving Size

Price-wise, it's definitely within the budget when craving for Japanese dishes. The serving size could use more though. You can spare a thousand pesos for two people dining. 

Kimono Ken Japanese Restaurant

For a complete list of the prices, menu, branch locations and more, see the following: 


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