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Infographic: Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is known for its state-of-the-art smart city and harmony between buildings and environment. The business district has found the perfect mix of building office spaces and public parks for employees and families alike.

BGC is home to famous art murals painted on steel-colored buildings and malls, as well as modern art installations that highlight the talent of Filipino artists then and now. The work-life balance can certainly be felt and experienced in every corner.

After a long day’s work, employees can unwind in the up-and-coming hip bars around BGC. From simple dinners to late night happenings, it has the venue for every type of get-togethers. It’s safe to say that it has got everything.  

There are various reasons BGC is the best location for your next office space, which has been summed up in this infographic by Figari Group. You’ll know that BGC is more than its three-lettered monicker.

Why BGC is the Best Location for an Office Space

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