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Tapa King Delivery

If you're fond of Tapa King's all-day breakfast meals, you can also order through their delivery services. 

Tapa King Delivery

Tapa King Delivery Menu

Below are unfiltered photos of products we've tried through this service. The boxes are marked to signify which menu item was delivered. We've tried tocino, danggit, bangus, and kangkong

Note that not all usual menu items are available for delivery. These are still subject to availability based on the branch location delivering. 

Tapa King Delivery hotline

Tapa King Delivery Hotline

Speaking of branch locations, you can call local branches directly for delivery options. The list of branches which deliver are listed on Tapa King's official website. See www.tapaking.com.ph/branches

Tapa King Delivery menu

Tapa King Delivery

Apart from delivery details, you may refer to the following for more information about Tapa King including branches, careers, menu and more:

Phone Number: (02) 531 2850

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