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Hearing Screening Test in the Philippines - Active Hearing Center

Active Hearing Center is one of the few establishments offering advanced hearing screening tests within Metro Manila and other locations in the Philippines.

Active Hearing Center

I first heard about it through an EENT (Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat) specialist I consulted for a suspected disrupted ear drum after (standing too close to mega speakers for a better view of a rock show stage. :)

Images below are from one of their branches in Metro Manila. 

I wasn't able to take pictures of the sound proof room but if you can imagine a mini-music recording studio, the concept is pretty much similar.

The Actual Screening 

Inside the sound proof booth, I was asked to push a certain button whenever I hear a specific sound. A music recording was also playing during the process so you have to pay attention in order not to miss the beat. Results were released about an hour so I just roamed around the mall while waiting. 

This is the envelope which contains my screening test results that I sent back to the EENT doctor. To skip the jargon, my results were okay and the effect is supposedly just temporary; however, hearing from my right ear sounds like that of a short circuit in a stereo. :(

Active Hearing Center 

For more information on what type of screening tests are available and find branches near you, see the following pages:

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