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The Nest Dining in the Sky at Vivere Hotel

I have to start with the view when I talk about The Nest Dining in the Sky at Vivere Hotel in Alabang. The view from the 31st floor rooftop level is definitely divine, specially at night. The food, ambiance and overall service are all similarly worth the praise too. 

The Nest Dining in the Sky at Vivere Hotel

So with that, here are more photos to showcase how spectacular it is to peer through the windows from the restaurant (yes, they're sealed so it's safe). 

The Nest Dining in the Sky at Vivere Hotel

This one above was from the same area as the first photo but with the decoration plant visible. 

Alabang is buzzing with lights at night. It's a haven for call centers, hotels, malls, and other commercial places. 

This is from the other side of the restaurant where the Skyway is visible.

Ambiance is Lounge-y and Relaxing

Move back towards that side of the resto and you'll find this man-made pond. 

Structures like this with water flowing is always a relaxing sight. 

Back inside the resto, the overall ambiance is still relaxing; loungey. 

Not on photo but an acoustic ensemble (with a grand piano) played that night. 

We came in early so there were only a few people seated inside at that time but diners eventually started coming in while we eat. You won't find any nosy neighboring diner here. 

The Nest Dining in the Sky


As for service, everyone was polite and accommodating as well, from the moment we entered the restaurant's premises. They even took a snapshot of us with a caption after dinner and sent an email later for feedback. 

We reserved a seat over the phone for a special occasion and the process is very easy. 

Food and Pricing

As for the food, set aside a budget of at least 1,000 pesos for one person to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Everything we ordered were quite modest, in my opinion, and not lifted from the upper end range of the menu. So it's a budget dinner in a luxurious location so to speak. 

The Nest serves appetizers, sandwiches, dessert, salad, soup, pasta, seafood, vegetarian, grilled meals, Filipino and International dishes. 

Drinks such as cold beverage refreshments, beer, cocktail, and aged drinks are also available. 

chocolate milkshake

While waiting for our orders to be served, complimentary appetizers of crunchy sweet potato chips were offered along with our drinks. 

crunchy sweet potato chips

Drinks --- cafe latte (135 pesos) and freshly squeezed lemon (190) and chocolate milkshake (220 pesos)  

cafe latte and freshly squeezed lemon

Once the items were served, the Pinalutong na Tilapia (P445, crunchy butterflied tilapia) was what first caught my eye. It's honestly my first time to see this type of preparation for fish. I saw similar dishes in other places, eventually. 

crunchy butterflied tilapia

Pinalutong na Tilapia

Below is the Rosemary Glazed Chicken (P420) for the kid. 

Rosemary Glazed Chicken

Next is the Lapu-lapu and Prawns Harmony (P790). It's the priciest among the three because this fish is quite pricey in fresh catch markets too. 

Lapu-lapu and Prawns Harmon

Dress Code and Parking

Not sure if there is a dress code but we were already dressed for a special occasion so we didn't get bothered by that. But I didn't see anyone in flip flops at that time, that's for sure. I've read posts about wearing "smart casual" just to be on the safe side though. 

Parking is available at the hotel. 

The Nest Dining in the Sky

For more information including the complete menu, visit their Facebook page,

31/F Vivere Hotel 
5102 Bridgeway Avenue, Filinvest City, 
Alabang, Muntinlupa City 

Phone Number: (02) 771 7777
Hours 5:30AM - 1:00AM daily

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