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Beauty at Your Doorstep: Salon Services You Can Do at Home

Beauty tips and beauty care products are being introduced in the market every day, and with the advancement in technology and various influences of western culture, more and more people, both men and women, and even children, have become more conscious of their physical appearances. Whether it is a need to boost self-esteem or simply just a whim for vanity, the fact remains that beauty salon services are in demand and these services can be very expensive.

Come to think of it, if we just search online for all the “DIY” stuff that helps enhance our well-being, including salon services that we can do for ourselves, there are endless resources and tips that we can really rely on. Even real estate websites like Lamudi, features journal pages that give a lot of information about topics that are informative and realistic that we can apply to our own way of life based on our culture, which of course makes it easier for us to relate to.

One good example is this journal article about “Simple Tips forTurning Your Home into a Spa,” which gives us an idea that our homes can be used as our own spa, if given the proper ambiance settings and just having the right tools to achieve it. So, if we can convert our home as our own spa retreat, then we can definitely convert it into our own beauty salon. Of course, there can be limitations as to what we can or cannot do; however, there are things that we can definitely do for ourselves without having to go out and pay someone else to do it for us. 

Salon Services You Can Do at Home

Here are a few examples of beauty salon services that we can do inside the comfort of our own home.

1. Foot Spa

Our feet are an important part of our body and they carry us everywhere we go, so they definitely deserve a lot of pampering. Because of constant use and abuse from our own weight, the type of shoes we wear and even from our daily activities, our feet becomes sore, very tired, and worse, they can become really callous and dry with dead skin cells. For a simple foot spa, Wikihow shows simple and easy to follow foot spa procedures that really work, and some from Health ‘n Body DIY tips on how to make our own foot scrub.

2. Hand Spa

Just like our feet, our hands are very important and we cannot function properly if our hands are too tired and stressed. Hand spa also helps keep our hands smooth and relaxed and it helps prevent spasms that can lead to more problems if remained ignored. Hand spa does not really need paraffin wax or any petroleum based product and this simple hand spa procedure from Leaf is a good way to go.

3. Manicure and Pedicure

After doing foot spa and hand spa, of course it would be best to continue doing manicure and pedicure for our nails. There are different types of nail polish that are available in the market today from the regular ones, to shellac and gel polish. Just choose the best quality and color.

4. Deep Conditioning and Hair Spa

Our hair is our crowning glory and because of extreme heat and air pollutants, our hair suffers a lot of damage. It becomes so dry and brittle and really tangled that is why it is so difficult to brush or comb. Split ends, dandruff, and lice infestation are the worse that we can ever encounter. If we cannot afford to go to a beauty salon, we can always do this at home either by buying ready to use products and following the basic instructions or we can mix our ownconditioning treatment using natural and organic products.

5. Hair Coloring

This is something that many of us are very familiar with. There are a lot of hair-coloring products available in the market with different formulas. If we have never done it alone before, it would be best to seek for help from someone who has more experience. If not, then it would be best to do a research first and follow the strict instructions from the hair-coloring product that we buy, from allergy testing to the application process. We have to remember that when it comes to hair chemicals and hair-coloring products, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

6. Steam Facials and Facial Treatment

Steam facials and facial treatment are very easy to do at home. All we need is a clean basin filled with water that just boiled and while it is steaming hot, we can infuse it with fresh smelling herbs like green tea, mint or lemon. Then we can put our face on the path where the steam vapor rises and cover it with towel so as not to let the steam escape. Five minutes will be good enough to open our pores from the hot steam. Afterwards, we can start using a face cream or facial mask making sure that every part of the face is covered properly. After a few minutes, we can rinse with soap and water and cover our face with a towel soaked in really cold water, to make sure that our pores will close properly. There are also a lot of tips that we can find online that will guide us through the process.

The things we mentioned are just a few beauty salon services that we can do at home. The more we research and learn what is best for our beauty regimen, the better we will feel about ourselves. Pampering our body is a necessity for relieving stress and part of being happy is feeling good and confident about our physical well-being. The only thing we have to remember is that we should never be afraid to try and learn new things and to be beautiful does not mean buying expensive or being extravagant.

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