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Valentine's Day NYC Street-Style Edition

 Couple Sneakers never looked this bad-ass.

This February, cop the iconic selection of PONY’s NYC kicks that are made for the lovers who are so over the usual couple-wear. Trade the boring for a laid-back date on the arcade and a drive around the city streets.

Spend Valentine’s Day in NYC street-style.

Cop these iconic PONY City Wings in the original red and white colorway worn by Spud Webb.

Mens: City Wings Low
SKU: 631W07
Material: Leather

Php: 4,395

Who needs the typical sappy dinner-date and movie? 

Who needs the stiff formal wear on V-Day?

Go against the basic this Valentine’s Day

 Keep it real and do something actually fun for once. Nothing says street-style quite like the authentic underground street-scene of the 90’s. No fancy places, no sugar-coating.Just authentic old-school fun.

Everything PONY stands for- Telling it like it is and keeping it as real as can be.

Cop these all-white renditions of PONY City Wings.

Mens:  City Wings Low
SKU: 631W02
Material: Leather
Php: 4,395

Womens: City Wings Low
SKU: 632W01
Material: Leather

Php: 4,395

Cop the iconic selection of PONY’s NYC kicks starting with the ultra-black renditions of PONY City Wings.

Mens: City Wings Low
SKU: 631W01
Material: Leather
Php: 4,395

Womens:  City Wings Low
SKU: 632W02
Material: Leather
Php: 4,395

Own the streets this Valentine’s day with these Urban Staples from NYC.

Cop the Iconic PONY City Wings Collection:

Women's Collection

Men's Collection

About Pony.

 Born and bred in New York. The year was 1972 when Pony challenged the industry giants and dominated the underground sneaker scene.

Cop more info on these street sneakers. Visit us at Pony Philippines Official on Facebook and Pony_PH on Instagram and Twitter. Can’t wait to get your pair of iconic Pony Shoes? Shop now at our webstore at PONY.COM.PH

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