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Rakrakan Festival 2017 in Photos and Videos

I had a blast at the Rakrakan Festival 2017, OPM Against Drugs, 100 Bands 5 Stages event. It's been about two weeks since the show but I still haven't gotten over the hype. Well, it takes me a while to write posts like this anyway (busy much :). 

Rakrakan Festival 2017
OPM Against Drugs
100 Bands 5 Stages

January 14, 2017
SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

Rakrakan Festival:



To start with, below are some free items which came with the ticket. 

T-shirt sizes XL and M with back and front design (above). Slapshock calendars, PULP magazines, stickers from Rakista Radio and Red Horse, and discount cards from Victoria Court (O_o) and Dickies. 

I didn't notice the stubs for free Marlboro sticks and free Red Horse stapled at the Dickies paper bags. 

At Php 1,590 (pre-sale), the tickets are definitely a steal because of the freebies and of course, numerous bands you can watch. Watch all these separately and you'd probably spend 100x more. After all, it's 100 Bands in 5 Stages. 

Rakrakan Festival 2017 Photos

Here are some of the photos from the event. 

There's a video slideshow in YouTube of the photos combined as well. 

Here's a panoramic picture of people who attended. This was around 6PM (it got dark early) when most of the 5 stages were on break for dinner.

Later that night, there are folks were already seated or even lying down, possibly due to exhaustion. Some may have been there as early as the gates opened after lunch. There's free beer too so a few may have been knocked out. XD

Photos and Videos of Bands which Performed

These are some of the videos I was able to record. I missed some bands since the schedules inter-lap between five different stages. 

Most of the videos here were from the Mosh and Move stage. 


Late to the party (or at least the first act I intended to watch) because parking spaces within the area are full so we waited for a slot to free up before walking about half a mile to the venue.  

Chicosci - A Promise

So the first track I was able to hear was midway done. 

Some folks were throwing slippers up in the air. Chicosci frontman Miggy Chavez was quick to make them stop while guitarist, Mong Alcaraz played a pun by strumming the intro to "Tsinelas" by Kamikazee. 

Chicosci Miggy Chavez and Mong Alcaraz

Chicosci - Paris

Mong stayed around when Sandwich played right after.

Chicosci - Sink or Swim

This was one of the band's earlier tracks when they were first called Chico Science. Some of the younger fans aren't too familiar with the song. 

Miggy also belted out a track with Raimund Marasigan during the next act's (Sandwich) performance. 

Raimund Marasigan and Miggy Chavez

Chicosci - Vampire Social Club 

Last track for their performance


Bassist Myrene Academia was probably present earlier during the day for Imago, which was scheduled in the afternoon. 

The show started at around 2PM and ended by 2AM the following day, making it a 12-hour program. 

Sandwich - Betamax

An anthem of the older generation when Betamax tapes existed before VHS and movie streaming. 

Yep. I just had to include this photo of Raimund Marasigan and Miggy's bro hug. 

Raimund Marasigan and Miggy Chavez hugs

Sandwich - Sugod

Sandwich probably played the fewest number of tracks compared with other bands. 


Maysh Baay's vocals makes us forget how the band used to have a different vocalist when they first recorded tracks which later on became love story themes.  

Maysh Baay of MoonStar88

MoonStar88 - Migraine 

Talata's guitarist was a guest performer.

MoonStar88 - Senti

Buddy Zabala (of the Eraserheads fab four) was on the bass guitar as well. 

MoonStar88 - Torete

Other than Sulat, this is possibly the most popular MoonStar88 song. 


This is my favorite act throughout the entire event. While I don't have as much videos taken, I enjoyed just staring at Saydie's vocalist (Kat Taylor) with jaws dropping every time she growls. Atta girl! 


Saydie - Lie

The band's early (and lingering) fan favorite to this day. 

Ruptured Ear Drum

I planned to stay on the other stage but I felt dizzy with tinnitus right after Sandwich so I went for a break and dinner. 

It turned out to be a perforated ear drum. What a shock! But it's fine. It's quite manageable and will heal on its own in time (hopefully). I consulted an Eye Earns Nost and Throat (EEENT) specialist. 

It's my fault anyway. I stood at the same spot which everyone avoided because I thought I'd be closer to the stage. They were avoiding that space for a reason. It's right in front of a mega speaker with only about a feet or so away. 

Sponge Cola

So after the break, the closest stage was incidentally where Spongecola performed. 

Before they hit the stage, I saw them by the backstage lounge area. But I'm not one who approaches people for pictures; not even celebrities. 

Yael Yuzon's wife, Karylle was also there. She looks even prettier in person. 

Sponge Cola

Sponge Cola - Tambay

Spongecola was shooting a video so they asked for audience participation. 

Sponge Cola - Bitiw

Vocalist Yael, even got assisted towards the other half of the area so he can get closer to the audience past the VIP section. He asked for permission from people infront, and everyone agreed. 

Sponge Cola - Jeepney

Quite possibly the most popular Sponge Cola track. 


Monty Macalino, was very entertaining all throughout their time on stage. 


Mayonnaise - Bakit Part 2 

One of their earlier hits. 

I missed recording some tracks including "Tayo na lang Dalawa."

I enjoyed the band's fun (almost hilarious) mashup of some songs. 

Mayonnaise - Laklak

This is a cover of The Teeth's hit song during the mid-90s. 

It was incidentally Monty's birthday on the same day as the event by the way. He was surprised with a cake. 

Mayonnaise - Jopay (Extended) 

The track is extended due to some added interlude featuring a mashup of various foreign tracks midway through the song. 


It's been 20 years of Slapshock!

Jamir Garcia of Slapshock

The band was most likely shooting a video of some sort. It took about 30 minutes for the staff to prepare audio equipment to make them sound perfect I guess. 

Slapshock - Agent Orange

This is one of the band's earlier hit songs. 

Slapshock - Ngayon Na

Drones (with camera most likely) flew overhead for aerial shots. 

Slapshock - Atake 

Jamir Garcia, the band's front man urged to part a sea of people (ala-Moses). Some members of their official fans club also participated. 

Slapshock - Salamin

It was crazy with all the head bangin'. You'd actually feel the brick-tiled floor shake. But there was no stampede, luckily. 

Slapshock – Langit 

But this was the act with the most number of videos I was able to record and possibly with the most attendees. You can't even walk past people to move towards the adjacent stages. 

Slapshock - CariƱo Brutal 

They were the band with the most number of songs played too. 

Tanya Markova

I got a short clip of this band's performance too. Looks like the group is releasing a new album soon. 

Other bands I was able to get a glimpse of or at least hear from afar include Grin Department and Siakol. There were other acts I wanted to watch but schedules overlap between stages. 

Join the Club

I had no clear photo of the band. The lighting was dimmed (err.. almost like turned off) all throughout their performance. 

Join The Club - Lunes 

But that's alright. Just close your eyes for the music!

Join The Club - Nobela

The band's most recognized hit song. 

Dong Abay

Last act for the night, on one stage that is. 

Dong Abay even posted on social media how all other bands before him were his front acts.

Dong Abay

Dong Abay - Banal na Aso

The former Yano frontman made an entrance dancing like a tribal member of some sort before singing. 

Dong Abay - Solb

Abay, also talked about how some of his friends were no more due to drug abuse. Incidentally the hash tag for the event - #OPMAgainstDrugs. 

Dong attests to have stopped talking drugs a long time ago. 

Dong Abay - Perpekto

This is my favorite song from Dong Abay. The lyrics can become the anthem of anyone who is affected by their imperfection. 

Dong Abay - Tsinelas

Another epic hit when Abay used to lead Yano. 

Rakrakan Festival 2017 Video Playlist

I placed all videos in a playlist for easier access. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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