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Maliwanag ang Pasko at the Meralco Liwanag Park and Paskuhan Village

Maliwanag ang Pasko (Christmas is bright) indeed 
at the Meralco Liwanag Park and Paskuhan Village!

Meralco Liwanag Park

Meralco Liwanag Park 

From the moment you enter the compound, you'll feel the bright Christmas spirit. 

The Meralco Liwanag Park features brightly lit Christmas lights all over the area, including the entrance to the Meralco Theater. 

Meralco Theater

Meralco Theater

The Meralco Compound 

Meralco Paskuhan Village

But other than the park itself, it's quite an eye feast to walk around the Paskuhan Village. This year, it features miniature replicas of popular destinations from all over the world. 

Meralco Paskuhan Village

The Wise Men

Featured Worldwide Destinations

Here are some of the featured locations including ancient wonders, architectural wonders, famous landmarks and more. 

Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Sphinx of Giza


Petronas Towers

Burj Al Arab Hotel

Sydney Opera House

Eiffel Tower

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Big Ben

Statue of Liberty

Empire State Building

Golden Gate Bridge

Electric Train Ride

There's even an electric train you can hop aboard with the Eiffel Tower replica right in the middle. It passes by the Colosseum and Big Ben too.

The free ride lasts for about 3 minutes as it rounds up the area three times. You'd have to wait in line though in case there are more people wanting to try it. The seats are limited. 

Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Manila Symphony Orchestra 

As always, there's a side story to this post. I was supposed to watch the Manila Symphony Orchestra at the Meralco Theater for the final leg of this year's Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Unfortunately, I was no longer allowed entry by the door, along with some people because the theater is already packed and cannot accommodate additional viewers anymore. 

After the first set, those inside the theater stormed the information area and complained that there were more people than seats available so a lot are already standing. 

Apparently, the seats were oversold. Let me just copy what I posted elsewhere:

Disappointed. I chose one of the best seats as early as August; only to find out that they oversold tickets beyond the capacity of the theater and even reserved complimentary seats to the same ones sold online. Why will I stand if I'm supposed to be seated and with an assigned seat number at that?

Thank you for the on the spot refund though but it doesn't include gas, time and the killed excitement. I seriously waited for this for months.

Anyway, I'm still happy that I got to see Meralco's Liwanag Park and Paskuhan Village. 

Meralco's Liwanag Park and Paskuhan Village is located inside the Meralco compound along Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. 

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