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How to Lauch Your Startup Company in the Philippines (Infographic Guide from Foxhole)

Foxhole Business Center, one of the newest serviced office space in Makati City, Philippines shares several infographics for a complete guide on how to launch your startup company in the Philippines. 

The guide includes infographics on how to register the business name, secure business permits, government mandated benefits you need to provide employees with, hiring talents, finding your first office space, and a bonus on why your startup should be in Makati City. 

Registering the Business Name

Securing Business Permits

Government-Mandated Benefits 

Finding Talents

Your First Office Space

Why Your Startup Should Be in Makati

For the actual comprehensive guide, you can read it through this post, A Comprehensive Guide to Launching Your Startup Company in the Philippines [with Infographics].

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