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Malaysia is Truly an Asian Beauty

The beautiful country of Malaysia features rich and multicultural traditions. The heritage coming from varying religion and race including Malays, Chinese, Thai, and India in Asia as well as those from the Portuguese, Dutch, and English nations around the world make Malaysia a beautiful country indeed in terms of diversity. Despite a diversified culture, Malaysians are known to be some of the most gentle and forbearing races in the world. They promote peace and harmony from the heart and it is evident anywhere you go within the country. 


Malaysia beaches

When in Malaysia, don't forget to visit the best beaches the country offers. One example is the Emerald Bay which is considered as one of the top beaches in the world and is definitely the best in Malaysia. This crescent shaped beach mirrors Malaysia's emerald blue colored waters. Although this beach is exclusive, you can always hire travel agents to book you into a resort located within the vicinity of the beach. Another crescent beach is Datai which showcases amazing diving sites that is at par with the best there is throughout Asia. 

The Catai beach in Langkawi Island is another popular destination. Although most of the coves are private, tourists can still enjoy the beach's serene waters. Tioman Island on the other hand is perfect for golfers, divers, and those who love nature. This golden beach is adjacent to a tropical forest, a haven for nature loving tourists. The best time to visit this island is from March to September. 

Kuala Lumpur

Petronas towers

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital is towered by skyscrapers including the world renowned Petronas towers. But in contrast to modern buildings, the old colonial buildings which represent Malaysian heritage make this country even lovelier. Buildings and towers are influenced by architecture from the Moors, Islams, and Tudors. 

Another destination in Kuala Lumpur is its bird park which is one of the largest of its kind within South East Asia. You'd be amazed that such an urbanized city provides home to birds, nature's own children. 

The National Mosque on the other hand features Malaysia's Islamic side. The grand hall can accommodate countless Muslims from various locations inside and outside Malaysia during important religious events. This is one reason why many flock this country during Islamic occasions.

Johor Bahru

A flourishing commercial location is Johor Bahru which is very accessible via public or private transport from Singapore. It features various theme parks including Hello Kitty and Legoland. To get there, you can book a Singapore to Johor Bahru taxi service. 

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