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Newest Merrell Shoes and Uber Promo!

City walks just became more fun, stylish, and comfy with Merrell’s new 1SIX8 shoe. Made for men and women on-the-go, the Merrell 1SIX8 is more than just a shoe, it’s a mentality—a way of life grounded in the city. By wearing these shoes, one can live in and get around the city with these lifestyle shoes—186 hours a week to be exact.

Merrell is also offering another treat to help city goers get the most out of their urban journey. Merrell and ride-hailing app Uber has teamed up to provide users a comfy trip! Find out the promo code and how to get perks and discounts from Uber and Merrell!

Newest Merrell Shoes and Uber Promo

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