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Halloween Short Story Idea

Since it's Halloween, I remember one of the old short story pieces I posted years ago, FL2020: Are You Real or Not? It's nothing special but I still like it because it's technically just one of the few drafts I was actually able to complete. I also recall scary stories I shared last year, Short Scary Stories for Halloween.

Halloween Story Idea

This year, I have nothing in mind except for something I shared over Reddit a few months ago. It was from one of my dreams; I occasionally dream about themes which appear as if they cam straight out of a movie or fictional book. One Redditor did confirm that the story can be a premise for a thriller material. Here it is: 

I dreamt about several babies borne out of the same mother. They were all born all at the same time (I wonder how that worked) from different fathers (test tube, DNA samples) from one mother (a Chinese). 

[Insert: I also wonder what China has to do with it; can be some of vision from the future, yay or nay?]

When the kids grew up, they were hunted down in some abandoned Area 51-like location which I have no idea where exactly. It seems like they were bred for that purpose - to be preys for hunters, a group of wickedly rich personalities who hunt for game. 

Each generation of those rich people's kids will have their own targets for hunting so the test tube ones above were of the same age as the rich folk's kids. The hunt is some sort of coming to manhood ritual.

It was sick, I couldn't sleep anymore so I only had like 3 hours of sleep.
If I was to continue the dream, I'd create a leader amongst the test tube kids; one who will rise up against the preys and will lead his pack in order to survive and be able to escape that prison. 

[Insert Hunger Games theme right after this. Tada! But the savior isn't female. I thought of a guy instead].

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