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8 Tips on Using a Skip Bin

Skip bin hire is very common, especially in prosperous cities like Perth where homeowners regularly like to give their homes a revamp. There is usually a large amount of waste that needs to be disposed of following certain home makeovers; and instead of having to dispose of all that waste, many people choose to utilise a skip bin provider instead.
Skip bins in Perth WA are beneficial for a variety of reasons. For starters – and most obviously – it gives the task of waste disposal to the professionals, saving homeowners a lot of time and effort. In addition, professionals will separate the waste and dispose of it responsibly, and that can be a good thing for the environment.
However, though the purpose of a skip may sound obvious, there are some tips that homeowners should take on board when hiring and using one.

Skip Bin

Top Tips for Using Skips

Perth skip bins by Recover Bins is the perfect solution for disposing of waste easily and efficiently. But you still need to know how to take advantage of these. Here’s how to get the most out of skips.
Hire the right sized skip
Make sure not to hire a skip that will be too small to accommodate a large amount of waste in a bid to save money.

Make sure the skip doesn’t block any entrances to the property Homeowners will become frustrated very quickly if the skip blocks their driveway.

Be careful not to regret throwing anything out
It might be tempting to throw out as much as possible to make the most of skip hire, but it’s important not to throw anything away by accident.

Don’t hold back
Contrary to the last point, it’s important to be strict when cleaning out the home, and anything that has no value and can no longer be used should find its way into the skip.

Consider other options to save room in the house
If a homeowner desperately needs to create extra space in their home but would rather not throw things away, they might want to look into other storage options.

Check the provider can do regular pickups
Of course, it can be difficult to know what sized skip will be required. Make sure the provider can empty the skip promptly if need be.

Ask for advice as to what can be safely disposed of in a skip
Though most skip providers can dispose of just about anything, it’s a good idea to check that any type of waste can safely be thrown in the skip.

Make sure children stay out of the way
Homeowners may throw the likes of bricks and scrap metal into the skip without paying too much attention. Make sure kids know that they shouldn’t be using the skip for a game of hide and seek.

As long as skips are used properly, they can come in very handy indeed. Homeowners should follow the above tips on board to ensure they make the most of skip hire.


  1. Thanks for the tip on asking what can be safely disposed of in the skip. I didn't think about the fact that some things might not be allowed. I will have to take that advice and ask the bin company if there is anything not recommended or not allowed.


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