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Dual Laser Technology Review by Contours

I availed of a 4 + 4 package from a Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute branch and had completed six sessions before writing this review of their Dual Laser service and more. 

Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute

First of all, I just saw a nearby Contours branch because I needed a facial (black white and white heads a' plenty and itchy at that time). I saw a poster of their laser service so I asked an attendant about it but only after several visits. I was offered a supposed 4 + 4 package which costs 12,000 pesos. Individually, each session costs 3,000 pesos. 

Dual Laser Technology Review

The Dual Laser involved the following features (as seen on the image below). It was timely at the time since there were numerous dark spots (from pimples) on my face. 

This is the card I was provided for the package. 

Now, for the verdict.

The spots indeed seem to disappear but it can also be possibly due to the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector which I was also using at the time

The pores did indeed shrink although there is an even cheaper alternative I found through Sephora, a pore tightening sleeping mask product from Caolion.

As for the pimples, this had always been my issue no matter what item I try. The breakouts come occasionally and without announcement. It normally happens during over night work, which sadly, I cannot really do away with. 

However, the entire dual laser service don't last long enough, like about five minutes or so when most similar procedures take at least 30 minutes. 

Review on Contours 

I have nothing but praise for their aestheticians. They were friendly, conversational, and helpful (even offering beauty tips). However, the derma clinic itself is promoting misleading promotional packages. I thought I'd save money for the Dual Laser service through their package but during the 6th session, they deliberately skipped one element of the service. I didn't even want to finish the remaining sessions after that due to disappointment. 

Other Contours Services Tried: Underarm Laser and Facial

Their underarm laser is more affordable than other clinics (like half the usual price - 650 pesos versus 1200 pesos or more is a lot). The entire session was too short though; it probably lasted for just about a minute or so. In Filipino, we say hindi man lang nag-init ang pwet ko (roughly translated as "my butt wasn't even seated long enough)." While I only requested for a booster, having completed seven (out of supposed eight also from a package) sessions of the underarm diode laser at SkinStation, it only boosted my dismay. 

The facial is also cheaper (again, by half the price or higher) but they barely spend time pricking and removing blackheads/whiteheads compared with other more expensive derma salons. I've tried various types of their facial (i.e. for anti-aging, acne, etc). 

Overall Review

Contours 's Dual Laser does work a bit but the misleading promo is a turn off. The derma clinic is also very inviting and employs amazing staff but their packages are not really valued as promised. You are better off availing individual full priced sessions instead. 

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