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Food 21 Updated Menu

Here's an updated menu from Food 21, a catering and food delivery service from the south of Metro Manila.

Note: The prices have increased since May 2017

For whatever reasons, the menu doesn't seem to be available online, even on popular food networks like Zomato or Munch Punch except for Google's information. A delivery boy graciously gave us the new menu though along with updated contact numbers on a recent order. 

Nido Soup

Right before this post, we ordered the usual dishes we enjoy with the addition of a Nido soup. The popular dish is a let down though. I wonder why this exotic soup is loved by many; I don't. If I describe how it tasted like, I can imagine chunky yet soft rubber. The rest of the usual popular dishes are at least good as always. They're like a delicious and healthy home cooked meal that's cooked in someone else's home. ;)

For information on short orders and catering services, visit their Facebook page at

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Update December 2016

In response to the comment below. I hope this is more readable than the image I posted above. Right click on the image and choose "open image in new tab" for Chrome browser users in order to have a larger version of the pic. You can also click on the image from the new tab to enlarge it. 


  1. sana man lang ay tinype mo na isa isa di ko mabasa T_T

    1. Natawa naman ako sayo. Sige po. I will scan na lang para mas malaki and update the post as soon as I can. Masyado pong madami itype. :D

  2. Hi can you email me your catering packages asap at please? Thanks. And appreciate your help.

  3. Thanks for this! Couldn't find a clear one anywhere in the web.


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